Friday, 20 February 2015

Check My Brain

Here we go again. I don't know what it is with me. Maybe it's my impatience, but I've gone through at least three or four blogs throughout the past five years, never being truly happy with any of them.

I had a brainwave in my Digital Humanities seminar yesterday. Why don't I just combine everything into one blog instead of the hassle of running three different blogs at once? Which is what culminated in creating this beauty.

I'm also thankful to Alice in Chains for this revelation, for if it weren't for their killer tune 'Check My Brain' that has once again become stuck in my head, I wouldn't have come up with the title for this blog.

I am going to get to grips with committing time to running this. I'm making a schedule, and have designated days to post reviews on. Television being one of the main things this year on here, since I've decided to do a massive re-watch of The X-Files (which, let’s be honest here, when I am not watching it) that I will post double/back to back episode reviews every Wednesday in light of recent talks of it coming back in a limited series form. And my dreams of FOX releasing the series on Blu-ray. Hint.

And who's that dude with the shades and cigarette I hear you ask? That my friends is the mascot of this godforsaken place - Hank Moody from Californication. Which by sheer coincidence I realized at work that the image above and on the sidebar is from the first episode of Season Four, which opens with none other than 'Check My Brain'. And of which is my favorite opening of a TV episode. Ever.


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