Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rewatch | The X-Files & Breaking Bad

With talks of an X-Files revival on the horizon (we're so close, goddamnit) and the recent premiere of Better Call Saul, what better time to revisit two of my favourite television shows.

And another coincidence arrives with this pairing, Vince Gilligan. It's like looking at a before and after photo. For someone who started out as a pretty much unknown screenwriter who managed to start writing for his favourite show, to the multi-award-winning screenwriter with now two monumental television shows under his belt; one of which being his own creation. If that isn't something to look up to, I don't know what is. 

This actually started out as being a rewatch of just The X-Files, because when I watched it the first time around, I never really wrote down or thought about how each episode affected me. I kind of just let the show corrupt me emotionally without being able to put my thoughts down somewhere. 

But let's face it. The main reason I'm doing this is that I love the shit out of this show to the point that it's probably becoming a problem. These dorks have ruined me forever.


Then came along Better Call Saul, which is finally getting me and my brother back on the home stretch of finishing Breaking Bad. A show that if I'm being completely honest, I wasn't too...I don't know. Thrilled about at the beginning? I didn't understand the hype. But that was before I really got into over analysing everything and crying over cinematography. Now I just want to go back and slap myself senseless for not being more into the show as I am now in its fourth season. I get it now, finally.


So what better way to punish my naive, seventeen-year-old self by rewatching a show that has completely taken over my life and another that has become a revelation to my mind.  

Seeing as The X-Files is 202 episodes (plus two feature films), I'll be coupling rewatches of them together. I'll be posting them every Wednesday, and that way I'll be able to get two down each week rather than one. Breaking Bad, on the other hand, is easier because of the 13-episode seasons. So I'll be posting my rewatches of them as single episodes every other Saturday. 

God, we're gonna be in for a long ride.

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