Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Sunday (2)

Foo Fighters are currently on their world tour, so I'm getting gems like Grohl impersonating a fan receiving one of his guitar picks. 111 days until I'm in their presence. Again. Breathe.

• So, The BRITS were this week, which is an award show that I've become to care less and less about. The last time I cared about it was when Blur won their lifetime achievement award, but even then, they got put under fire over Adele making a big deal out of her speech being cut because of their award. Rock never really seems to find its place at that show, although Foo Fighters keep winning 'Best International Group' - of which they won again this year - so at least there's that. And Royal Blood won 'Best British Group' over One Direction which was a blessing. And they got to perform live, which I hope blew everyone away at the O2. Especially since Taylor Swift opened, I mean c'mon. Royal Blood opening would have been such a different approach and would have melted everyone's faces off with the sheer power that they have between two people. 

I managed to purchase another X-Files shirt. This makes my third one in my wardrobe right now.

My friends keep telling me to watch Whiplash, which I hadn't really got that excited over. Until it hit Tumblr. Which is where I found this. Any film that manages to reference Point Break is a film for me.

I would like to personally take David Duchovny off Twitter. He's worse than me.

Speaking of Duchovny, I managed to get the first edition, signed copy of his book. I can die happy now. 

 • Gillian Anderson was on Top Gear this evening which was a blessing. She was hilarious, and I should totally receive some money for betting that she would swear more than three times. I have now come to believe that she is a shining example of what I am like whilst I'm driving. 

I don't know who picked the line-up for Graham Norton this week, but whoever did was destined to give me a heart attack. Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, David Beckham AND Noel Gallagher? Were they trying to kill me.


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