Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Sunday (3) + (4)

Uni has not been good to me these past weeks. Okay, maybe I'm over exaggerating. But I've had three assignments to complete and a presentation to give, hence why I didn't get around to last week's Sunday, Sunday. 

Thankfully, I've managed to get the work done and can finally breathe. And stare relentlessly at Jeff Goldblum.

Speaking of the Goldblum, it was announced that Independence Day 2 is happening. For real. With a secured cast of Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth and Jessie Usher. Apparently Will Smith is being a bit pushy as to how much money he wants to be given to reprise his role, so there's a lot of speculation arising around whether he'll actually be in it or not. If he doesn't, well it's his loss and our gain. As long as Goldblum is in it I'm stoked. And still hoping that Goldblum has some sort of cameo in the upcoming Jurassic World, but it's being kept secret. A girl can dream.

• David Duchovny's upcoming album still doesn't have a release date, but they did give us a snippet of his singing. Which I'm still on the fence about. The more I listen to it, the more it sounds okay. I think it's just from me being so used to him...not singing? I can see where he got the inspiration from musicians like Bob Dylan and Lou Reed though. And kudos for him to doing this, he's seems passionate about it.

In other music news, Foo Fighters announced their contribution to Record Store Day (April 18, 2015) in the form of a collection of some early demos titled 'Songs From the Laundry Room'. It is going to be released as a 10-inch (and eventually on CD) which is set to include demos of 'Alone + Easy Target' and 'Big Me', along with a cover of 'Kids In America' by Kim Wilde that was featured on the end credits of the Sonic Highways episode, 'Seattle'. The 10-inch also includes a previously unreleased track, 'Empty Handed' which I'm looking forward to.

The first trailer for the upcoming Kurt Cobain documentary was released this week, of which I wrote a piece about over at The Indiependent. It's honestly so promising to finally see a documentary of Cobain that isn't about the conspiracies surrounding his suicide. Especially in the hands of Brett Morgan, who seems to have such a hand-crafted way with film-making, which you can see throughout the trailer.

My prayers have finally been answered (and pre-ordered) in the form of Foo Fighters Sonic Highways being released on Blu-Ray. With tons of hours of extended interviews and additional footage from the HBO original series. It's safe to say I'll know what I'll be doing in the majority of the Easter holidays.

• In TV news, Aquarius finally got an air date - May 28 on NBC. With a two-hour premiere, no less. Then it will continue to air before the third season of Hannibal on July 4, with Aquarius airing at 9 pm and Hannibal at 10 pm. And if you're not already thinking it, that means David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will (technically) be together on television again. Maybe it's a sign. In the shape of an X. Especially leading up to FOX saying they're going to announce something about one of their 'iconic' television shows in May. And it better not be Prison Break. And it's not just me fangirling over it either.


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