Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday, Sunday (5) +(6)

I knew I would start doing this, me and weekly things are a nightmare. This time there isn't really an excuse, I completely forgot last Sunday. Plus, I had a migraine, but still. At least I prepared myself for the emotional turmoil that was to unfold the following week.

The more I think about The X-Files coming back, the more I realize that I'm totally not emotionally prepared for it. At all. 

Partly it's because I'm slowly realizing I won't have to rely on really clouded memories of watching it back when it was airing, I can actually watch new episodes, for real, on television. This sort of thing never happens for me. 

 And it wasn't just the confirmed return of my favourite television show, a lot of stuff has been happening on Twitter for me. Something that I barely use because I still don't know how to use it. But my favourite film reviewer - Chris Stuckmann - liked one of my X-Files reviews and told me about it, and we had a nice conversation about it coming back. And that he should totally review Fight the Future, which I think he is considering doing. 

Then I stated my love for Detroit Rock City whilst I was watching it, and the director - Adam Rifkin - thanked me, and then tweeted the link to my review of it once I'd finished.
And to my surprise this morning, the founding guitarist of Heart is now following me without me knowing, so that's now Chris ShiflettMitch Pileggi and Roger Fisher now following me. Which is surreal. Although nothing will ever top David Duchovny liking one of my Instagram photos of his book. I don't think I'll ever recover from that. 

• Before all this X-Files news exploded everywhere (not really for me to be honest, it's all been rumours since SDCC in 2013, and solid rumours since this January), Aquarius updated their site with some new promotional photos that are looking amazing. I really cannot wait for this. 

• I'm off on a four-week break from University which is a a way, I've got two 3,000 word essays to research and write and a project to plan. But I did manage to get a pass on an essay that I answered the question wrong on, so kudos to me.

• Music wise, not a lot of stuff has been happening. I finally got around to listening to Nate Mendel's side project Lieutenant. I don't really know what expectations I had, but he really has surpassed himself from being the 'quiet' member in Foo Fighters with this band.  

Filter are supposed to me announcing something in the lines of a new album tomorrow which is exciting because that could mean more the UK perhaps? I would die if I could see them. Ever since I got properly into them last Summer I just can't get over how incredible they are. Why I'd only been listening to 'Hey Man, Nice Shot' for all these years I will never know. 

And I've been delving into Queens of the Stone Age's discography a little further, since they're one of my favourite bands. And I think I stumbled upon my now favourite song by them this morning:


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