Friday, 6 March 2015

TV News | Aquarius Release Date

Finally, the time has come. The news I have been waiting for has arrived. David Duchovny's return to network television has an airdate: May 28, 2015.

NBC's new 60s drama Aquarius is set for a two-hour premiere date on May 28 at 9pm, and will then move to a Thursday time slot on June 4 at the same time. Just in time for Gillian Anderson's return as a recurring character on Hannibal, premiering that same day at 10pm.

As much as the X Files nerd within me is dying for news of a revival, this is the closest thing we're getting for now. Both David and Gillian on the same night and the same channel. The TV Gods have been kind to me these past few months. It's a wonder I'm still alive. 

Hopefully, this secured date means that NBC will release the full version of the teaser trailer they put out a month ago, I'm dying to see some more Aquarius footage before the premiere. Especially music wise. 


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