Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday, Sunday (7)


Nothing of importance has really happened this week. It's my second week off, and I still haven't done anything that I said that I was going to do. Which is so typical of me to be honest. So this post is probably going to be extremely short.

But this week I'm going on a break for a few days (not from here, obviously), so I can get away from everything and do some reading for Film and some books that I've hoarded. Hopefully. We'll see how that goes when next Sunday rolls around. But mainly it's to go out and explore with my parents and my brother, which I love doing.

The only thing of real importance - to me anyway - that happened this week was finding a new source of inspiration. That source is filmmaker Casey Neistat. I was procrastinating on YouTube (nothing new there) and one of his recent vlogs came up as a suggested video, so I watched it. The way he edited and filmed it resonated with me, as it's the same style that I like filming in. Just raw, nothing fancy. Documenting life and trying to tell a story, which is what I've loved doing since I was a kid. Whatever way I found possible.

He's given me a much-needed jolt of inspiration. I've been meaning to get back into making films again, so hopefully I'll be able to get a new camcorder and a smaller camera soon to document as much as I can. Or whatever inspires me. I strive on that, I really do. And to make my brain crave creativity even more, I've got an A3 sketchbook coming at some point to just write and stick things in every single day. I'm always trying to start journals, but just writing my thoughts in it day after day starts to become monotonous and boring. But after seeing Neistat's 'Day in the Life' video and the way he used a sketchbook, I thought I could do it that way instead.

...I also really want his studio. Like really, really. That's my dream/happy place. To own and make a place like that is totally one of my life goals now.

That's literally the only exciting thing that's happened this week. I'm on such a creative high right now, it's fantastic. I totally implore you to watch his films so you can get the same jolt I have this week. I'm so stoked to document life more. Especially if I end up going on that American road trip thing next year with my family. That's going to be amazing to capture through the sketchbook and filming. 


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