Thursday, 2 July 2015

The X-Files | June Update

Filming for The X-Files has officially begun, and I was not kidding when I said that I wasn't going to survive this. It's only been a month and I feel personally victimized by a television show.

I'm going to split this up into segments, and start with the good news first. Don't get your hopes up, there isn't that much of it. But at least it'll soften the blow. 

First things first, we have the sudden Entertainment Weekly cover. Yes, only two weeks into filming and we already have our first magazine coverage. And sweet mercy is it amazing. 

Among all the swirling rumors and speculation; this has been the fandom's beacon of light. First, we had the official photographs and then some stills from the episode. If that wasn't enough, we also got given some outtakes of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson from the original photographs.

For those of you wanting to purchase this issue, it's the July 3rd issue. You can order it to be shipped to the UK from this site

It's safe to say I haven't stopped staring at them since they were released. My adopted parents are back together and I'm not okay.

As filming has officially started, we've been given a plethora of photographs of David and Gillian filming scenes in Vancouver. Other than being absolutely flawed to be seeing them play as Mulder and Scully again, it was the catalyst for the speculation and rumors that I'll talk about briefly after we just stare in awe at these photographs.

Along with the set photographs, Entertainment Weekly also has exclusive stills from what seems to be the first episode titled 'My Struggle'. 

Ever since I started watching The X-Files again back in 2013, I've always been jealous of those that got to watch it whilst it was airing. Technically, I was one of those people, but I was so young that I can barely remember any of it (other than David's voice and Gillian's hair). 

Three weeks into this revival, it's safe to say that I am eternally grateful that I didn't live through the X-Files as it was airing at this age, as I would have been subject to one of the things I hate most in life - rumors and speculation. 

This is the bad news about this revival, as all the rumors that are circulating right now do not bode well for Mulder and Scully. Which to some people isn't even a problem, but the show finally got where it needed to be in the finale in terms of Mulder and Scully's relationship - that they were together after years of the 'Will they/Won't they?' hook that circulated through a majority of the show.

I'm not going to list the individual rumors and speculation on here (if you really want to know what they are, just go on Tumblr or X-Files forums to get the full brunt of it), but the majority all point to the same main points. That Mulder and Scully are broken up (and might have been for some time), and that the new character Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) is an 'old flame' of Scully's; of whom she was in a relationship after Mulder and Scully's alleged split.

Now, these are all unofficial. The only official thing we have so far comes from Chris Carter himself in the EW article, that Mulder and Scully are not living together (in the first episode, at least), and that Mulder is in a dark place. That's it. The rest is just people floating around Twitter and Tumblr claiming that they're getting this information from 'credible' sources. I'm fed up with these 'credible' sources already. They can't say who they are, where they got the information from or how they attained it. So what is there to believe?

There is no way in hell that Chris Carter would let all this information come out three weeks into shooting. Plot-wise, anyway. Some call sheets and location maps were leaked which only added fuel to the fire. But I swear to God that no one remembers what he was like with 'I Want To Believe' back in 2008. He would either not tell anyone anything, or would make information up to mislead everyone. Which is what my hope is here, because if he's going in the direction I think that he's going in - he's adding unnecessary drama to the mix.

Although, from recent interviews with Gillian, she thinks that fans will be happy with where Mulder and Scully's relationship is. And Carter has said that it's matured and evolved.

So who knows. I'm trusting no one here on out, and will continue to feel like this on a daily basis: 


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