Friday, 11 December 2015


Long-time no see, eh? November hasn’t been the kindest of months, but since a new year is steadily approaching I thought it’d be best to tell you guys where this blog is headed in 2016.

Everything is going to be back to normal once the new year rolls around, monthly updates will be back and so will the rewatches/reviews. I’ve been so caught up with university life recently that this has had to take the backseat. The X-Files updates though, well. Too much has happened to get back into those again. Plus I get way too overwhelmed with excitement learning about new developments, let alone writing about them. So I’m thinking I’m just going to let those slide and prepare myself for January 24. 

A lot has happened since I last posted on here. First off, I saw Foo Fighters again at Milton Keynes. Inner pit. 8 feet away from Dave Grohl. I honestly don’t know how I survived being that close. Not in terms of crowd levels, but I’d never in a million years thought I’d be that close to my heroes. And Iggy Pop and Royal Blood. Like how did that even happen? 

Then there was Eagles of Death Metal. Front row. FRONT ROW. I’ve never been front row at a concert before in my life, it was like a step up from Foo Fighters. Jesse laughed and smiled at me a ton throughout the gig, probably because I was uncontrollably grinning the whole time. Seeing two of my favourite bands within the span of a couple of months is unbeknownst to me. 

I saw Eagles on November 4, a week and a few days before the Paris attacks. That hit me hard. Really hard. I felt like I lost so many friends over that weekend, some of which I knew in passing from Twitter and Tumblr. Hell, even at the show I went to. I spoke with Nick Alexander, the merch guy, for at least five minutes at the show I went to. It may seem trivial, but he helped me pick out the shirt and poster I wanted. He was such a sweet guy that night, it’s hard to comprehend that he got killed doing a job he loved, in an environment that myself and millions of other rock fans strive in and love every minute of. 

November 13 changed me. Truly. November 4 was one of the best nights of my life, and to think thousands of the rock community witnessed/fell victim to that carnage along with EODM is still so hard and painful to comprehend. 

With that in mind, I’m going to hit the ground running with this blog once January 1 rolls around.

Until then…

Peace, love, death metal. 


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