Friday, 22 January 2016

Music Review | Iggy Pop ft. Josh Homme | Gardenia

Rock legends Iggy Pop and Josh Homme recently announced the release of a secret album - entitled Post Pop Depression - releasing the leading single 'Gardenia' yesterday (21 January, 2016). 

It seems as though anything that Josh Homme touches turns to gold. Add his prowess to the legend of Iggy Pop, and you've got a song that is seemingly perfect. Along with the contributions of Queens of the Stone Age bandmate Dean Fertitia, and Arctic Monkey's drummer Matt Helders. 

The first single of the 9-track record, Post Pop Depression, sounds exactly what you would think it would sound like if Queens of the Stone Age met Iggy Pop. There's a prominent Bowie-esce sound to this single; if Bowie were still here, I would definitely see him having a go at this track. Pop's voice has always flowed so seemingly with Bowie's; which was perfectly encapsulated on Pop's 1977 album, Lust For Life

Lust for Life being an album that both Homme and Pop used as a starting point for Post Pop Depression, with Homme stating in the New York Times that, "Where those records pointed, it stopped. But without copying it, that direction actually goes for miles. And when you keep going for miles, you can't see these two records anymore." 

'Gardenia' is a pretty laid back track, encapsulated by Pop's baritone vocals and Homme's dreamy, harmonization in the backing vocals. Homme has a way with capturing the heart of the Californian desert with whatever music he produces, with 'Gardenia' being no different. 

It took Pop and Homme two to three weeks to record, and managed to keep the album a secret through one of the many advantages of recording a record in the middle of nowhere. The duo and co recorded Post Pop Depression in Homme's two studios - his home studio in Joshua Tree, and his other studio in Burbank. 

The album, Post Pop Depression, is set to be released on March 18, 2016, and Pop and Homme will be embarking on a short tour in support of the album once its released. The tour will also include Fertita, Helders, Matt Sweeny on bass and Troy Van Leeuwen on guitar. 

Watch Pop, Homme and co perform 'Gardenia' for the first time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


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