Wednesday, 23 March 2016


It seems that all I'm ever doing is issuing updates on here. 

Hi. Again. 

Life and University have gotten the best of me since whenever I was last on here, along with some issues with self-motivation of how to actually sit and type up reviews without doubting myself that I can't. The return of The X-Files has come and passed, season two of Aquarius is in the works and season two of Better Call Saul is back on Netflix. 

I've got four weeks off of Uni now, which doesn't mean that I'm free from the work. I've got at least two research essays to compile and plan, with another two in the pipeline after them. However, I am at home for four weeks to write to my hearts content. 

Starting from whenever I post the next X-Files rewatch, I'll try to post more frequently. I'm going to go back to posting two X-Files rewatches in one, but twice a week, probably on a Monday and Wednesday. The Aquarius reviews will finally be finished, and I will eventually get to the Breaking Bad rewatch - probably once the X-Files one has finished. I don't know what possessed me to do both at the same time in the first place. 

Then there's the matter of film and music reviews. To get some organisation in check, reviews of older films and music will be marked as 'classic', and reviews of newer films and music will just be marked as usual. I'm scrapping the whole 'Classic Album' thing, since that's just going to amalgamate into the 'classic' category now. 

Then there's the monthly post, that I'm going to get back to next month. I need to really, so much happens over four weeks and I like to remember what since I have the shortest attention span known to man. 

This blog is still a work in progress - and probably forever will be - but hopefully in the next coming months it will blossom into something recognizable and consistent. Although saying that, I'm so happy with where it's at now. I've even got myself a domain name! So professional. 

Thanks for sticking with whatever this site is becoming. 



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