Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Introducing | Taylor and the Mason

Image via Taylor and the Mason

Hailing from Manchester, Taylor and the Mason (Becky Taylor and Sally Mason) are a well-needed, warm embrace this autumn.

Known for their energetic and distinctive acoustic live act, indie rockers Taylor and The Mason channel their enthusiasm and eclectic mix of folk into their debut album due for release this autumn. From just two guitars and two voices – with the accompanied introduction of their now full band; Lorna Blundell (drums), Stephen Sarsen (Bass), Tanah Stevens (Viola), Bob Goodman (Violin), Liz Pauline (Backing vocals) and Dawn Fong (Backing vocals) – Taylor and the Mason create their own unique musicscape with mesmerizing, poetic lyrics.

The record is an eclectic collection of folksy, rock ballads with a splash of polka in ‘Gin in Berlin’ and a Jeff Buckley-esce melodic track ‘Sidepool’. One would think that the album’s leading single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ is the song that drives the entire record - which in its own right perfectly encapsulates the essences of a catchy single.

But it’s the track ‘Midas Touch’ that really showcases the talents of the duo here; an ethereal, relaxing tune that echoes through the synapses. Through a haunting effect on the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the track, eventually leading the song to an electric verse and chorus. Taylor and the Mason follow the unwritten Pixies rule of progression through the Quiet-Loud-Quiet dynamic, however changing it ever so slightly to their own progression: Quiet – Semi-Quiet – Loud – Quiet, etc.

Taylor and the Mason’s debut LP is definitely an autumn record. The girls’ perfectly balanced and complementing harmonies and added layer of guitar melodies make this the perfect record to listen to on the upcoming early, chilly mornings.  

Visit Taylor and the Mason’s site here:, follow the gals on Twitter @taylorthemason and like their Facebook page @Taylorandthemason to keep up to date with upcoming events and (hopefully) new material! 


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