Friday, 21 April 2017

Long time no see, eh?

I swear this blog is turning out to be an update machine. From here on out, get ready for some new content (even though I say that every time I update lmao)

Why I am suddenly back, you may ask? Have I finished my dissertation? No. Have I finished Uni? No. Has The X-Files been renewed for a ten-episode, eleventh season? 

(since I last posted, I've also fallen in love with Jenna and Julien so get used to seeing their faces more often on here)

It's been a couple of years (I think?) since I started my '201 Days of X-Files' thing which obviously surpassed said amount of days. I've left it on hold because of Uni, Uni and more Uni. But guess what? I finish Uni in a few weeks ... which is slightly terrifying. 

My dissertation is due in a week and a bit, I've still got three essays to write, but from then on out this blog will be thriving with actual content, including settling back in with my X-Files reviews - including the tenth season - for the run up to season eleven. 

I was going to write a proper news type post about season eleven, but we all know where that would have headed to: me gushing about my babies coming back, that Chris better do this season right and my annoyances with the tenth season. 

Instead, here we are. I'm partially back, Uni is loosening it's grasp and the distant sounds of internships for magazines/entertainment establishments are slowly growing closer. 

But for now ... MY SHOW IS BACK. 


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