Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Introducing | Pop Morrison (aka Jamie Morrison)

source: UK Drummer

When the drummer steps outside the drum kit, immense creativity seems to awaken. Stereophonics drummer Jamie Morrison follows this pattern in the creation of his musical project. The most intriguing music projects always seem to occur within a musician that is in love with their craft. Morrison is no different, stating in a press release for his upcoming work that he ‘had musicians coming to the house every day and music was constantly being made. I decided to start releasing that music in a way that would be fun and unique, unhindered by the pressures and expectations of managers, publishers and labels,’

‘… [and with the] Pop Morrison team, everything is possible. We can make records, we can make videos, we can promote and distribute throughout the world. I can do this for my own music or for other artists. I am fully self-sufficient – I don’t need a budget or someone else’s permission to make something. I have the most important elements: ideas, positive energy and a great team. I never get tired from wanting to make something amazing.’

Pop Morrison is a collective rather than a moniker for Jamie himself. Remnant of Andy Warhol’s ‘The Factory’, this collective of creative minds ‘consists of artists, video-makers, DJs, web and interactive artists, designers, engineers, manufacturers, marketers and distributors … [all] revolving around Jamie from his studio in South London’. Through this description alone, one can already see how Jamie and his collaborator’s passion for music seeps through the work that they produce.

The Pop Morrison team are currently producing a revolutionary musicscape through their work on ongoing series ‘If You Want to Make a Song Holla!’ and the release of Boi Genius, their upcoming, full-length record. The Holla! Mixtape allows listeners and musicians ‘to sample them, turn them into songs, videos, or simply enjoy them for what they are.’

Boi Genius features a long-time collaboration between Jamie and songwriter/rapper Fem Fel. Jamie has produced many of Fel’s music, leading to the duo to collaborate with each other. As stated in the press release, ‘writing stories based on life experiences came naturally to Fem and were the exact context the music Jamie had created needed.’ Jamie ‘love[s] Fem’s vibe. He’s … got such an intense coolness to him, his voice against my production is such a unique vibe.’ This can be seen in the first instalment of Boi Genius below; the collaboration between Jamie and Fem within the world of Pop Morrison allows the two to create an amalgamation of music genres, generating something completely unique that could only come out of this collective. This is also combined with visual aesthetics, ‘a visual narrative [that] run[s] along with the music [that] was always the plan from the very start’.

Directed by ‘Jamie’s long-time video collaborator Ollie Rillands’, the video ‘helped [to] bring this first Boi Genius instalment to life with a visual that tells a story as deep as the music.’ This first single/instalment is intriguing and suspenseful; acting like a singular art project formed of numerous pieces provided by Jamie, Fem and Rillands.  

I, for one, cannot wait to see what the Pop Morrison team has in store. 

For more information on Pop Morrison's work, take a look at their site here


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