Saturday, 10 June 2017

Single Review | Foo Fighters | Run

After having a couple of weeks to process Foo Fighters new single ‘Run’, I have come to terms with how I feel about the track.

Foo Fighters are no stranger to producing a belter of a tune, but ‘Run’ takes it to another level. The boys are as heavy as they’ve ever gotten in their 22-year career, and they show no signs of calming down. First performed live in February of this year, ‘Run’ came as a surprise to many. There was no run up, no preparation for the single – or the video – that was released on June 1. 

After a two-year hiatus (of sorts), Foo Fighters have debuted two new songs this year; ‘Run’ was the first in February and ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’ was the second in May. These two tracks – especially ‘Run’ – are speculated to be off the band’s ninth (yet to be announced/named) studio album. 

(representation of me even considering a ninth album, let alone one song)

Hopefully, we’ll get to hear a studio version of ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’ sometime this year, and even see an official announcement for a ninth album. In the meantime, the band have graced us with a single that could melt your face off if played at a loud enough volume. Accompanied by a chaotic music video depicting the band as aging leaders of a retirement home’s revolution (directed by Grohl, of course), ‘Run’ delivers a well-needed bout of optimism with a round-house kick to the soul.
Following the quiet-loud-quiet technique that the band have adopted from Grohl’s Nirvana days, ‘Run’ culminates itself as a chaotic, nearly six-minute hard rock/noise rock anthem. 

In the aftermath of 'Run’, critics and fans have praised the Foo’s ability to continue their hard rock (even harder with this track), without succumbing to the mind-numbing mainstream pattern in which rock musicians eventually conform to the mold. Foo Fighters had been doing this prior to the release of ‘Run’, but I can see what people are saying. 'Run' is definitely the heaviest track Foo’s have released to date. From the false introduction of it being a melodic ballad to the sudden, thunderous impact of the first verse and the combination of the two in the chorus, ‘Run’ is an amalgamation of different styles that Foo Fighters have experimented and played with throughout the years.

This recurring pattern gives a sustainability to the track that is extremely difficult in the current music scene in terms of holding the younger generations’ attention; Foo Fighters do more than grab your attention here. ‘Run’ grabs you by the hair and implores you to get as crazy as the band – and the nursing home – are in the accompanying music video.

If ‘Run’ is any inclination of what this upcoming ninth album will entail; I for one cannot wait to headbang my life away. 

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