Monday, 10 July 2017

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Yesterday was my mama otter’s birthday, hence me being MIA. I’m also exhausted from work on Saturday (still, I know), so I have zero motivation to do anything. I’ve spent the majority of today compiling my review of Haim’s new record Something to Tell You, which should be posted tomorrow. Sneak peek: …I’m in love with it.

I’m currently typing this up whilst watching the 147th episode of the Jenna Julien Podcast. They’re reading out their [mainly Julien’s] old tweets which is turning out to be highly entertaining. 

• Speaking of the podcast, last week’s episode was a goldmine. They decided to follow the trend of trying to answer Google’s most asked questions, and it was a riot. Some of the questions asked were peculiar … and I’m totally guilty of asking some of them. 

• There isn’t much I can say here that h3h3 don’t address in this video. Let’s just say I agree with everything and these viners can go live on a far-away island somewhere. 

• As I constantly mention, I have an extremely long list of television shows to get through. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was a prominent one on the list – since there are twelve seasons – and I strived to finish it as fast as I could to get it off my list. It took me a year, as I fell into the funk I always do with shows I love – drag it out as long as possible.

Now that I’ve finally finished it, I miss it. So much. I didn’t realise how much I loved that show. I can’t wait for season thirteen, but I’m most looking forward to watching it back again to closely review on here.

The twelfth season has to be my favourite season by far, though. Those ten episodes were some of the best the gang have ever produced; especially ‘The Gang Go to a Water Park’ aka my favourite episode of the show. 

Oh, Dennis. You beautiful, psychopathic bastard.

• Girl Fiend (a magazine with the most badass name ever) followed me on Instagram last week, and I’m so glad they did. They released the first issue of their magazine last month (June 2017), and as they say in their bio, they are ‘a new print publication that celebrates women in music’. I for one cannot wait to read it, and discover more girl power-infused music for my Spotify playlists.

• I’m not even going to explain what happens in this video Jenna uploaded this week. The title says it all. 

• I’m so excited that horror movies are heading back to the classic days. I’ve fallen so out of love with horror movies lately; nothing beats 70s psychological horror and the early slashers. Movies producers and studios over the past couple of decades haven’t seemed to have gotten the memo that you need to keep reinventing a genre, not sticking to something that generates money.

Luckily, as explored in Steve Rose’s fantastic article, independent studios and directors are beginning to signal this much-needed change and steer away from horror conventions. 

• I was totally not expecting this from Liam. At all. I loved ‘Wall of Glass’, but ‘Chinatown’ is so emotionally raw. It’s especially poignant given what’s been happening in the UK over the past four months. It’s somber folk/rock and roll ballad, and reflects our collected feeling of confusion and grief this year. 


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