Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Single Review | Blue Return | 'Everything' (2017)

image source: blue return

Previously an indie band situated in the Ruhr-Area of Germany, singer-songwriters (and twin brothers) Christian and Andreas Spahn have now shifted their focus to international music project ‘Blue Return’. Blue Return was created through a cooperation between artists in both Europe and Asia, through vocalist/bassist Christian currently living in South Korea.

Once Christian had moved from Germany to South Korea, he stopped creating music altogether. It wasn’t until he was inspired by the 2013 John Carney film Begin Again that Christian decided to sign up for numerous online classes related to the production of music to jump back into the scene that he had once begun within his independent band in his home-country.

After collecting enough money and getting old band members back together, Blue Return have released their debut single ‘Everything’. Their first EP is scheduled for release early in 2018, and ‘Everything’ acts a taster of things to come.

A laid-back, emotional track that slowly builds throughout its three-and-a-half-minute run time, ‘Everything’ showcases a distinct collaboration between artists that can be connected through multiple continents.

‘Everything’ is an indie ballad that pulls at the heart with poignant songwriting, describing an unfortunate breakup and the inevitability of having to move on. 

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