Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Single Review | Ed Accura | 'New Age of Thingz' (2017)

source: ed accura

Released on June 28, ‘New Age of Thingz’ establishes a distinctive perspective in a world swimming in technological bliss. Written, produced and performed by London singer-songwriter Ed Accura utilizes his unique rap stylings with a funk infused sound to commentate on our electronic obsessions and inability to communicate with one another without a screen in-between us.

Through ‘New Age of Thingz’, Accura explores the pre-internet commodities that made the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s as entertaining as what we are accustomed to in the present day. Accura’s charm and lyrical sense elevate this track into a nostalgic anthem, praising human interaction rather than digital. He produces a yearning for the pre-internet era where we didn’t rely on our phones and other digital devices to alleviate boredom.  

‘New Age of Thingz’ is a taster of what’s to come from Accura, who’s forthcoming album The Convo is set for release – along with a tour – later this year.

Watch the video for Accura’s ‘New Age of Thingz’ below. 

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