Friday, 18 August 2017

Single Review | Indigo Blue | 'Bird of Paradise' (2017)

Written, recorded and performed by Indigo Blue and produced by David Ezra, 'Bird of Paradise' is the latest track to be given the EDM treatment.

Indigo Blue itself is a collaboration of singers, songwriters and producers guided by songwriter A.K., with music varying in style through pop, drum and bass, rock etc. As started in A.K.'s biography, 'all songs come from experience gained over years of music development.'

The original track and the remixed version retain the same music structure and feel, however these components are accentuated and amplified by the remix. The tempo of the original 'Bird of Paradise' is slowed here and the song itself is somewhat stripped back. The Big 8 remix obviously experiments with the original song -- as all remixes do -- and brings out portions of the song that were hidden by the faster tempo.

'Bird of Paradise' is an anthem urging us to act as 'bird of paradise' and fly free from the restraints of modern life. The video that accompanies the remixed version of the song explicitly states this, with a loose narrative portrayed from a first-person perspective demonstrating an escape from dull, everyday life to a sunnier, looser climate.


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