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Single Review | Liam Gallagher | 'For What It's Worth' (2017)

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‘For What It’s Worth’ is the third single released (10 August) from Liam Gallagher’s debut solo album As You Were. The record is set for release on October 6, although he has already debuted two singles – ‘Wall of Glass’ (1 June) and ‘Chinatown’ (30 June) -- in addition to ‘For What It’s Worth’.

The newest single is one of Gallagher’s most honest compositions, acting as an apology to all those he has wronged … or in simpler terms, pissed off. Gallagher opens the track with the lyrics: ‘In my defense all my intentions were good / And heaven knows a place somewhere for the misunderstood’. Gallagher then answers his reasoning with an apology to those he has wronged: ‘For what it’s worth I’m sorry for the hurt / I’ll be the first to say, I made my own mistakes’.  

Gallagher admirably opens himself up with this tune, something that I wasn’t expecting with this record. As he’s said himself, it’s as Oasis-y as you can get and is a total ballad. It retains the same wistfulness that ‘Chinatown’ produced and the rawness of ‘Wall of Glass’, but being the slowest of the three it carves a unique strain of emotion. 

Gallagher demonstrates a diversity through these three songs, and there’s no doubt that As You Were will establish the same.  


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