Monday, 7 August 2017

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I will actually go back to posting these on a Sunday, promise.

Last Wednesday me and the fam made our way up to the V&A in Kensington to witness (and bow down to) the fantastic exhibition they've created for Pink Floyd entitled 'Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains'. I won't say too much other than if you're a massive Floyd fan (like me and the fam are), than this exhibition is a must


On Thursday night, I took my mum to a local shrine for live music - The Joiners - to see Milk Teeth. The venue has seen the likes of Oasis and Green Day in their early years, along with Kasabian, Best Coast, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead (and so, so many more) that very nearly closed its doors this year due to money needed for repairs. Luckily, the GoFundMe page they set up received enough donations, and the venue was saved.

I've only recently started going to local venues, and The Joiners is by far the most atmospheric and lively venue in Southampton. It's like a mini CBGB's, it oozes a love for rock music, is adorned by graffitied and sticker-claden walls and is such an intimate place to see the best of what the UK -- and the world -- has to offer in terms of alternative music.

I wish I took a photo of my mum's face when she witnessed a mosh pit and crowd surfing for the first time -- hence why I made sure we were well away from the front. 

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Foo Fighters yet again are being such a tease with this tweet:

Nothing else but that. PLS. GUYS. DON’T DO THIS 2 ME. 

I haven't been following the production behind the new season of The X-Files as much as I was with the last season. I'm still excited it for it, don't get me wrong, but I don't have as much anticipation for it as I did last year.

If Chris actually listens to fans and doesn't pull the shit he did last year, I'll be happy. But there's still a part of me that knows he's going to fuck it up somehow.

Although, since it's nearing the end of the summer, that means production is beginning. With that comes David and Gillian trolling the fuck out of everyone on social media -- just as it should always be. 

After Jenna's video last week in which she attempted to shave Julien's beard, Julien has decided to keep the moustache that Jenna left. He let the comments ensue on Twitter, and in turn made a video of the best reactions.

Someone needs to print 'Just like Tom Selleck's, it looks like the perfect seat' on a t-shirt. Pls. 

Summer has all but disappeared in England for the time being and has been replaced with the oh-so stereotypical rain. Luckily, YSANNE and the ZanZclan and their latest track 'The Golfers Rap' are here to brighten this dreary weather.

A combination of surreal (and hilarious) humour and downright fun laden the pop/rap infused track, giving vibes of Harry Enfield's classic, late-80s tune 'Loadsamoney (Doin' Up The House)' and the musical stylings of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

YSANNE and the ZanZclan are no stranger to success, either. Their track 'Christmas in the Sun' garnered major attention, becoming a huge hit during Christmas of last year and received heavy rotation.

For a dreary Monday evening, this is the type of content that the UK needs to lift its collective spirit.
Meet YSANNE and the ZanZclan, and their latest track 'The Golfers Rap'. For a dreary Monday evening, this is the sort of content everyone needs to lift their spirits.

Watch the video here

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