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The past three weeks have been more than hectic. From graduating university to passing my driving test (first time!!), I've only had time for the odd post here and there. Even the past weekend prevented me from getting this done on time, hence the false promise of uploading this post yesterday. 

I'm back into the swing of things now, and I am (hopefully) getting into a routine that will allow me to get ahead of myself and schedule posts rather than writing them on the day. Here's hoping.

source: pal hansen for the observer 

Being the good little blogger that I am, I'm reading more articles that catch my eye on the culture page of the The Guardian. 

Towards the beginning of the month, I came across this interesting interview with director Sofia Coppola. It's focused on her latest release The Beguiled, but Coppola also opens up about gender politics, comparisons of herself to her father and the now six-film legacy she has under her belt. 

It's a fantastic read, both for fans of Coppola or those interested in film in general. 

I'm a big fan of Ethan and Hila (if you hadn't noticed); two people who had a very intense July. I'll mention the Jake Paul fiasco later (along with Jenna and Julien's opinions on the matter in their podcast), but first H3H3 revealed some unseen footage of the Hugh Mungus v. Zarna fiasco that happened last year. 

In the newest addition to the legacy of Hugh Mungus, H3H3 revealed the court footage preceding the sexual harassment claims from Zarna. Both Zarna and Rudy (Hugh Mungus) were at a city council meeting in Seattle about the proposed construction of a police station in the North end. Rudy came to the meeting to participate in his community and share his views on the matter, supporting the build due to the police helping his daughter off the streets and out of her heroin addiction. 

Throughout his comments to the council, Zarna and her 'team' of SJWs harass and interrupt Rudy with rude and disruptive comments. Ethan and Hila explain this situation much better than I ever could, but just by watching this court video you can see the context behind the first video, and that it was actually Zarna harassing and disrupting Rudy who it seems could not even comprehend what they were shouting out during the court hearing. 

Basically, Zarna was triggered before Rudy even spoke the legendary words of Hugh Mungus.

It's getting close to the release of Queens of the Stone Age's new record Villians, so Josh Homme is doing the rounds in the interview-sphere. 

His interview with Absolute Radio is a gem, with Homme exploring his influences from Dean Martin to John Carpenter's keyboard-centric scores, whilst also quipping off classic Homme-isms such as: 'I like how it's called Absolute Radio but you're ... you're filming it', 'Did you Mambo Italiano in the morning' and 'Did you wheel in a Hurdy Gurdy-' 'Oh, oh bless you.' 

I finally finished the first two seasons of Rick and Morty earlier this month in preparation for the third season. Netflix also finally uploaded the April Fools episode 'The Rickshank Redemption', which I watched yesterday and subsequently died laughing at. Mainly when good ol' Jerry copies Summer and Beth slamming their fists on the table and shouting, but instead of exclaiming something related to the conversation, he shouts 'Willem Dafoe! That's the guy I couldn't think of this morning.' 

The trailer itself for season three is bonkers ... literally, welcoming Rick and Morty to 'the darkest year of our adventures' with a taster of what's to come. Let's hope that Rick finds his beloved Szechaun sauce. 

Along with Rocko's Modern Life, we got the first look at the long-awaited Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie that has been in the works since the show ended in 2002. The Jungle Movie has been the film that creator Craig Bartlett has been itching to create, and will answer questions brought up in the series finale 'The Journal'. 

As I said in the Rocko piece, I wasn't an avid fan of Hey Arnold! when I was a kid, but I do have a lot of memories attached to the show. Mainly coming home from morning football practice and watching a block of episodes whilst having lunch. It's a weird memory, but whenever I see old episodes of the show -- and the sneak peek below - I get that weird feeling of nostalgia that I'm always craving. 

I would go in-depth with this teaser like everyone else seems to be, but it's a teaser. A majority of the comments on the YouTube trailer are assuming that this is the actual trailer and moaning that there's no explanation of the plot. That's the whole point of a teaser! It gets those who haven't read the source material interested, and those who have excited at the scenes they recognize from the book. 

I am a huge fan of the novel, and it is literally how I imagined it in my head -- especially the depiction of the stacks. I really need to read the book again though, I've forgotten so much of it already. 

The trailers for Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League dropped on July 22, and both have definitely peaked my interest. 

Ragnarok is my personal pick. Compared to the other two Thor films, this seems to have a strange 1980s-aesthetic feel to it which I am all for. The music is defiantly synth-pop, the colours are eye-popping and slightly over-saturated; this is what a comic book movie should look like. 

That's not to say that Justice League is worse because of its dark, brooding visuals that are synonymous with Synder's DC. I haven't been on the best of the best of terms with DC since Man of Steel, but this trailer for Justice League might just redeem it for me. I could literally stare at Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa all day, so sitting through a probable two and a half hours will be heaven for me. 

I'm going to keep this short since I hate talking about him, but Jake Paul ... IT'S TIME TO STOP. From ruining his neighbor's lives to doxxing Post Malone, I seriously cannot fathom how this child is a year younger than me. I'll leave it to Ethan, Hila, Jenna and Julien to explain because I am so d o n e  with his antics.

He needs to grow the fuck up. 


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