Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Artist in Focus | The Boostman Family

Deciding to release singles instead of albums, The Boostman Family have released their second single, ‘I’ll Be There for You’.

Founded in 2015, The Boostman Family are composed of different musicians of the same family, defining themselves as timeless and fun within the current musical atmosphere. David Boostman has said of the band:

‘We make pop music that resembles us, that makes us want to dance, dream and think, by ourselves, with our family and friends. I think people will still be able to enjoy it in 10 or 20 years and this doesn’t mean our music does not fit at the present time.’

Pumped up with a slow-tempo, ‘I’ll Be There for You’ shows the distinct ability within the Boostman Family – especially David – to traverse multiple sub-genres within the electro-pop realm. The newest single is thoroughly rooted in electro-house, especially in comparison to the first single ‘I Can’t Sleep’; an 80s retro chill-out skate track with a killer bass groove.

As Amy Boostman says about her father, ‘Dad is quite sharp on his electronic arrangements while he often tells me smiling that my composing influences are more ‘jazzy’.’ This combination definitely shines through on both singles ‘I’ll Be There for You’ and ‘I Can’t Sleep’.

Watch the video for ‘I Can’t Sleep’ below.

You can follow The Boostman Family on:

YouTube: David Boostman
Facebook: @BoostmanFamily
Soundcloud: Boostmanfamily

Instagram: @boostmanfamily

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