Friday, 22 September 2017

Introducing | Arable Desert

source: arable desert/tumblr

Formed in London but sound as though they’re from the depths of the Californian outlands, Arable Desert are killing the independent garage rock scene with their blend of fuzzy, spaced-out psychedelia.

The trio was founded in 2015, and have recently released a kaleidoscopic track entitled ‘Comiendo Moscas’. Heaving with a throttling bass line and clouded riffs, the Arable Desert transport the listener into a delightful haze.

The band currently have four singles uploaded to their YouTube channel – ‘Jealous Heart’, ‘The Sweet Getaway’, ‘Jagged Stairs’ and ‘Comiendo Moscas’. ‘The Sweet Getaway’ is arguably their most successful track thus far, clocking over ten thousand views on YouTube.

Influenced by the blues of Muddy Waters and the vibe of rock in the 60s, 70s and its current revival (The Black Keys, for example), Arable Desert is an act to keep an eye on.


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