Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday, Sunday (25)

image source: bbc radio 1
This, frankly, is all I have to say regarding Taylor Swift's new song: 

I love discovering and researching old news stories, and The New York Times 'Retro Report' is fueling that fire. Luckily for me (and you), they're still uploading new ones quite frequently. 

My loves! I was half-tempted to watch/listen to this live, but I absolutely despise Radio 1. Foo Fighters may have my heart, but they don't yet have the ability to make me listen to Nick Grimshaw.

I'm so glad that I waited until it was uploaded to BBC iPlayer. Not only was it Grimshaw-free, but it also included an introduction that made me cry. SO. MUCH. HISTORY.

The Foo's played the first Live Lounge 50th Anniversary performance in their Los Angeles studio (Studio 606), and performed three songs. One new track ('Sky is a Neighborhood'), one cover ('Let There Be Rock' by AC/DC), and two classics ('Best of You' and 'Times Like These').

I hadn't seen a live performance of 'Sky is a Neighborhood' yet, and boy that was a treat. Not only are Foo Fighters stepping in some Pink Floyd territory with the backup singers, but Dave, Taylor AND Chris were harmonizing together on the chorus!

And it's so strange that they choose to play 'Let There Be Rock' as their cover; I've had that song on repeat last week for no particular reason. 

image source: festival de cannes

The programme for the 61st BFI London Film Festival has been announced, and it's looking pretty rad.

I was lucky enough to go to the 57th festival back in 2013 on a sixth-form trip (aka the best educational trip I've ever been on). I even attended the premiere for The Coen Brothers Inside Llewyn Davis, and these two eyes have feasted upon Oscar Isaac in the flesh. That's right.

There are plenty features to go see in 12 days -- 243 to be exact -- but if I could go, I'd definitely go see A Fantastic Woman, The Final Year, Mindhunter, Battle of the Sexes, Downsizing, Last Flag Flying and You Were Never Here

I have always been an Apple devotee, and am all for the iPhone 8's change of design. This change is pretty drastic (detailed further in this TIME article), as the home button may make a disappearing act. It's not the first phone to do so, but it has become synonymous with Apple and their hand-held devices.

I may be an Apple devotee, but I'm also slightly infatuated with the Samsung Note 8 design. This hasn't been helped with Casey Neistat's new video, where he explores some of the features of the phone whilst comparing it to the iPhone. 

Recently I've been struggling with finding any inspiration to write reviews. I don't know what it is; I get in this funk pretty much every month, usually when I stack too much on myself.  I'm getting there, but last week I was definitely in the same head space as Julien; he explains this dilemma perfectly. 

Speaking of Julien, he and Jenna appeared on the H3 Podcast this week -- finally!! I was s h o o k. 

If ever I'm having a shit day, I always turn to either of them to bring a smile to my face. So, to see them altogether in one space chatting about conspiracy theories, mutual sponsors, women in YouTube and ghost stories was the deffo the content I signed up for.



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