Friday, 6 October 2017

Introducing | Ra'Quel

source: blank rocket a&r
Originally from South London, 26-year-old singer-songwriter Ra'Quel has recently dropped her debut single, 'Wet Lightning'. 

Soulful, smooth vocals combined with an ambient trap-beat, 'Wet Lightning' embraces a captivating eerieness and melancholy; further accentuated with an accompanying ghostly music video. 

Ra'Quel found some notoriety on The X-Factor a few years ago, making it as far as the judge's houses. Ra'Quel has noted that the show was a "brilliant experience", but believed that "it arrived just a little early for [her]. [She] was still building [her] confidence." 

After a short break of study in Animation at Westminster University, Ra'Quel returned to creating music. She uploaded a cover of Lauryn Hill's 'Killing Me Softly' on YouTube, garnering the attention Blank Rocket A&R. 

Through Black Rocket, Ra'Quel will be releasing her debut EP entitled Soul Marmalade this October. Ra'Quel has said of her return:

"I want to be free to make music that I like today. I may like that sound less tomorrow but I think in lots of ways, that's one benefit of today's track driven marketplace. I am free to try things out." 

Ra'Quel's second single, 'Tough Cookie [Ooh Boy]' is available today [October 6] on Soundcloud. 

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Soundcloud: @blankrocket

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