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Oh, we all knew this day would come ... four weekly posts in one?!

Overworking myself, a horrible cold and cultural overload has constituted in this monster of a Sunday, Sunday. Thankfully, I'm getting back on track and I can resume my schedule with actual ease. 

September was the month of Foo. Concrete and Gold finally came out, and four days after its release I traversed to the O2 Arena for my third Foo Fighters gig. This was a momentous occasion in more ways than one, since it was the first out of over thirty concerts that I went to by myself.

As much as I adore going to gigs with family and friends, there was something inherently special seeing my favourite band for a one-off gig on my own. There was a certain connection I hadn't felt before that's hard to explain, but it was one that I needed to experience in that capacity.

Annoyingly, the gig got more attention for the complete idiocy surrounding tickets rather than the immense, nearly three-hour show that the Foo's put on.

It's simple: do not buy tickets from re-sale websites - no matter if the venue stupidly endorses them. A restriction on tickets sold per person and the lead booker being present at the gig (with ID) is the first step in letting fans purchase tickets - as opposed to scalpers and bots trying to make a profit out of a collective misery.

And yes, I am not going to the 'UK tour' that the Foo's announced for summer The September gig filled my quota for this record release, and there is no way I can afford it a second time, sadly.

2010's Red Dead Redemption is by far one of my favourite games. Thankfully, I've had Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V and Bethesda's Fallout 4 to fill the gaping hole in my heart for a follow up to Redemption.

October 2016 saw the announcement of Red Dead Redemption II, a prequel to the 2010 installment in the Red Dead series. It wasn't until September 28 this year that we were given an extensive trailer, showcasing the characters involved and the basic narrative that will be played out within the game.

From what has been shown, the prequel world of Red Dead Redemption looks absolutely mesmerizing. I've missed exploring the expansive vistas that the series provides, alongside the gritty gameplay and the challenge presented of surviving the old West.

Red Dead Redemption II was originally slated for a late 2017 launch, however, Rockstar pushed the release back to Spring 2018. They provided a statement earlier this year (May 22):
"This outlaw epic set across the vast and unforgiving American heartland will be the first Rockstar game created from the ground up for the latest generation of console hardware, and some extra time is necessary to ensure that [they] can deliver the best experience possible for [their] fans."

Noel Gallagher announced that he's releasing his third studio album with his High Flying Birds, entitled Who Built the Moon? this November ... a month after the release of his brother's debut album, As You Were. 

Noel had been working on Who Built the Moon? since he finished Chasing Yesterday back in 2015, and I haven't come across any evidence as of yet that the release was meant to be so close to Liam's. But, by the new sounds emulating from the album trailer and first single 'Holy Mountain', Noel's record is going to push Liam's out of the water.

Collaborating with producer David Holmes and utilizing influences from his electronica/ambient past, Who Built the Moon? sounds as far away from Oasis as you can get (which cannot be said for Liam's record), and completely Noel.

His recent interview with Chris Moyles on Radio X demonstrated how happy he is with this record, especially with the lead single. I haven't seen him this enthusiastic for his own work for quite some time.

Me and my brother were raised on Star Wars. From the original saga to the prequels, we've been obsessed since we could both comprehend what films were. So, to say we're excited for The Last Jedi is an understatement. 

We were there for opening day for The Force Awakens, and we sure as hell will be for The Last Jedi. I'm not even going to begin to analyze the trailer; I'll leave that for my review this December. There's just too much to say, man! 

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The world of cyberpunk and Blade Runner is surprisingly fairly new to me. I fell in love with the genre when I first watched The Matrix in 2008, and I didn't come across Blade Runner until I began studying film at university. 

Blade Runner is a huge undertaking to watch let alone create, so when it was announced that Dennis Villeneuve was going to take the world of Blade Runner under his wing for a sequel -- Blade Runner 2049 -- I had mixed emotions. 

The current climate of Hollywood is spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. Trailers literally show the entire narrative in two minutes, reviews tend to reveal the plot intricacies in no more than 800 words. The recent press tour surrounding 2049, however, has been refreshingly inquisitive, as Villeneuve and stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford have remained tight-lipped as to what the film contains. 

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Even though 2049 seems to be tanking at the box office -- as did the original Blade Runner -- the secrecy surrounding the narrative of 2049 keeps the beauty of the film alive for those wanting to see it on the big screen for themselves. However, that doesn't take anything away from the fascinating insight from Villeneuve (this Dazed interview with the director is a must-read) and hilarity from Ford and Gosling in recent interviews and panels. 

Ford is notorious for being bored and unenthusiastic in interviews (I don't blame him), but the interviews for 2049 have stood out amongst the rest in terms of letting Ford be himself with Gosling, enabling him to actually enjoy himself. 

The interview below by WIRED fully encapsulates Ford's ability to be engaged, whilst toying with Gosling and producing hilarious banter. 

Daredevil. Oh, Daredevil. I've tried to enjoy the series, but I cannot stand Foggy. I haven't even finished the first season yet because of him. I'm going to have to now, however, since Netflix released the trailer for The Punisher on September 20. 

My brother is obsessed with Frank 'The Punisher' Castle (Jon Bernthal) and is now forcefully making me finish Daredevil so I can finally be introduced to him in preparation for the upcoming series. The trailer itself is absolutely insane, demonstrating a masterclass in song-to-image editing to Metallica's classic 'The One' (a personal favourite of mine), with that gritty, dark aesthetic that forms my kind of Marvel show. 

I cannot wait for The Punisher to appear on my Netflix queue, and I'll fall in love with it even more of it sticks to the soundtrack that's been utilized in the trailer. 

In more recent news, the latest trailer for the second season of Stranger Things dropped on a spooky date last week ... Friday the 13th. 

I can already tell that this season is going to be bigger and bolder than the last, with the gang facing off with an apocalyptic monster from the upside down. Will (and Eleven) both seem to now be gateways into the unknown, in turn becoming Hawkins' only hope of surviving 1984. 

Stranger Things season two is set for release next Friday (27 October), four days before Halloween!

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If I had the balls to force myself to be better at maths and science in secondary school, I would have aimed to eventually take up a degree in forensic science. To compensate this, I read, research and watch true crime documentaries.

2017 has given me a plethora of crime dramas and documentaries to watch, including The People vs. O.J. Simpson and The Confession Tapes (both on Netflix, for your binge-watching needs). 

NBC is now getting on the bandwagon through their legendary series Law and Order, creating the series Law & Order True Crime. Similar to Scott Alexander's and Larry Karaszewski's American Crime Story, each season of Law & Order True Crime will focus on a different crime. The first season centers around the Menendez Murders; a crime that I haven't fully researched and studied yet. 

Starring Edie Falco, Miles Gaston Villanueva and Gus Halper, I can't wait to see what NBC will do with the series. 

Haim's second album Something to Tell You is turning out to be one of my top albums of 2017. Their recent collaboration with director Paul Thomas Anderson has made Something to Tell You even more aesthetically unique, documenting their musicianship and capturing their infectious personalities in their purest form. 

Anderson directed the music videos 'Right Now' (April 27), 'Little of Your Love' (October 2) and the short documentary entitled Valentine, which captures the sisters as they record the tracks 'Right Now', 'Something to Tell You' and 'Nothing's Wrong'. 

I'm not going to even get into the new X-Files trailer. I have way too many opinions to facilitate here, and imma just wait till it rears its beautiful head next year. 

All I gotta say is: More episodes, more MOTWs, dramatic mythology up the wazoo and Mulder and Scully better be back together or I'm going to lose my shit. 

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It's nearly time (finally!) for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, and the Pokemon Company have recently released two trailers showcasing new gameplay and Pokemon that were not in the original expansions. 

Players will be able to explore different dimensions through 'The Ultra-Wormhole', where you can battle and catch Ultra-Beasts in their 'home turf'. A new city will also be accessible to explore - Ultra Megalopolis - 'a world where Necrozma' has stolen the light. The Ultra-Wormhole and new worlds will also give rise to new bad guys in the form of 'The Ultra Recon Squad'. 

Three new Pokemon were shown in the latest trailer - UB Assembly, UB Burst and UB Adhesive - but the main star of the show still is the mighty evolution is Lycanroc's dusk form. HOW CAN YOU NOT ADORE THIS PUPPER?

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It's one thing to consistently remake films from the 80s and 90s, but do we really need a remake of a film that only came out last year? 

That's what Justin McCurry explores in this Guardian article on JJ Abrams' proposed remake of the acclaimed anime film Your Name. He also explores the backlash amongst fans and film critics, who are rightfully worried about whitewashing.

The short film does not need an introduction. All I have to say is that Julien needs to create and direct hundreds of films in a similar aesthetic and tone as this; the humor and cinematography in Julien's film are on point. 

Chris Moyles terrorizing his co-workers on a mobility scooter? The things that make my day. 


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