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Thirteen Nights of Halloween Horror | Night Seven - Friday the 13th Part II (1981)

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After watching Halloween, it’s clear where the slasher films that followed it got their inspiration from. The Friday the 13th series adapts the tropes introduced in Halloween (tracking POV shots of the killer, the ‘final girl’), whilst also sticking to those that were presented in the first Friday the 13th (thunderstorms, the location of Crystal Lake) released in 1980.

Originally conceptualized as an anthology film series focused around the Friday 13 superstition, Friday the 13th Part II presents itself as a direct sequel to the first film, occurring five years after the bloodbath at Camp Crystal Lake. Part II takes place in an adjoining camp that is utilized as a training center for camp counselors. Bloodier, gorier and more provocative, Part II uses the aspects that worked well in the first installment to produce a much faster pace and to create the monster that is Jason Voorhees. In the cold open before the credits begin to roll, it also plays around with the psychological ramifications of the first film on its ‘final girl’ Alice Hardy, before she is ultimately killed by Jason.

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Part II is the first time we see Jason as the villain, as his mother was behind the slayings in the first. He has yet to don his famed hockey mask (that iconic apparel is introduced in the third film), and instead wears a makeshift sack to hide his identity as he kills those intruding his home.

Between Halloween and Friday the 13th Part II, I personally think that Halloween has far more substance in terms of narrative and direction. Although, out of the seven films I have seen so far, Part II has been the only film to legitimately jump scare me (for those who have seen the film, it’s the scene where Ginny is in the bathroom gently letting go of the door to escape out the window, and Jason suddenly breaks through the glass).

"I told the others, they didn't believe me. You're all doomed, you're all doomed!" 

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