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Thirteen Nights of Halloween Horror | Night Nine - Child's Play (1988)

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There is a distinct reason why I'd never seen Child's Play up until now. When you are surrounded by older cousins who live to traumatize your four-year-old brain, killer dolls tend to weigh on the mind seventeen years have passed -- years that have slowly waned my irrational fear of Chucky. But I didn't think the day would come this unexpectedly; I thoroughly believed that I would have stayed clear of this film my entire life. 

The first half-hour of Child's Play really doesn't matter when you go into it knowing that Chucky (Brad Dourif) becomes the doll. In short, Charles Lee Ray (Chucky), a serial killer, transfers his soul into a 'Good Guy' doll (think Cabbage Patch Kid meets a demented My Buddy doll) to enact revenge on those that wronged him, and caused his death in the first place. He eventually finds himself in the possession of a six-year-old named Andy (Alex Vincent), a Good Guy obsessed kid that receives Chucky as a birthday present from his widowed mother, Karen (Catherine Hicks). 

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I still can't get past the sentient doll-- especially when Chucky is running around -- aspect of Chucky, but Dourif's foul-mouthed, humorous dialogue makes Chucky an addictive, of course, unlovable psychopathic serial killer. Actually sitting there watching the film and casting my irrational fear aside, it's a Nightmare on Elm Street level slasher (did I mention I loved that film?) 

Once Child's Play ended, I found myself watching Chucky compilations on YouTube; that in itself cemented Child's Play on my favourites list. So much so, I most definitely watching the rest of the franchise, as I will do with Friday the 13th, Halloween and Elm Street. 

"Well John it's been fun, but I got to go. I have a date with a six-year-old boy, and you have a date with death." 

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