Saturday, 4 November 2017

Introducing | Cody Daniel

image credit: briana gregorius

Utilizing an amalgamation of genres, Cody Daniel’s infectious vocals and adoration of music are capturing the attention of many. Rooted in alternative rock influences - Foo Fighters, The Beatles, and Tom Petty - Daniel’s began to break down their songs to analyze and figure out how chord structures were created and produced into legendary hits. With this knowledge, Daniel would combine aspects of certain tracks into his own compositions, whilst combining alternative genres with smooth R&B and beat-infused backing instrumentation.

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Daniel’s has been surrounded by ‘various types of music at a young age’. Teaching himself to play guitar at the age of 16, Daniel’s began performing in various bands eventually realizing that he felt more comfortable composing songs on his own versus with other people. He ventured solo on his own in 2014, and now manages the production of his music and music videos.

Daniel began their year strongly with his addictive single ‘The Night’, a track with a sickly smooth beat adorned with acoustic guitar lines and a Justin Timberlake/Weeknd vibe. ‘All Over’ is Daniel’s most recent single (released October 29), further demonstrating his flexibility within multiple genres. There is so much more that Daniel has yet to give; 2018 looks promising for Cody Daniel.

Listen to Cody Daniel's single 'The Night' below.

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