Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Introducing | Gibril 'Gibrilville' Mansaray

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Born in Accra, Ghana, Gibril 'Gibrilville' Mansaray is a musically intuitive recording artist and entertainer. His love of music began at a young age, created by discovering his father's vast record collection and his brother's adoration of reggae. 

Mansaray would eventually channel his infectious affection into his own creations, first releasing a collaboration with M1 (Dead Prez) on his debut single 'Streets of Africa', produced by Coptic in 2009. He relocated to Manhattan, New York to create The Foreigner J.J.C. Deluxe in 2015 with his new band (named Gibrilville). He then began work on his Black Cadillac series of EPs. Season 1 was released last summer, and Season 2 followed suit with a release this September. Each track on the EPs are broken down into episodes, and both explore a range of raw emotion and genres. 

Mansaray's exceptional field of vision and sound allows him to cross the boundaries of hip-hop, club, alternative, and reggae with absolute ease -- on Season 2 especially - demonstrating that his journey has only just begun. 

Listen to Gibrilville's catalog via their SoundCloud here

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