Thursday, 9 November 2017

Introducing | Kristoff Montes

image credit: kristoff montes/youtube

EDM DJ, producer, and songwriter Kristoff Montes recently released sixth album When You Sleep, a nine-track exploration of the EDM and House genres that fully encapsulate an aura of relaxation and zen.

The leading single from the record – and title track – displays Montes’ captivating songwriting and producing styles, aspects that he continues throughout the remaining eight tracks on the record. The track ‘When You Sleep’ utilizes the stylistic tones of Montes’ specialties, whilst also migrating aspects of dream house and trance to create a spaced-out, strangely soothing ambiance.  

Listen to ‘When You Sleep’ below. 

You can follow Montes on:

Facebook: @kristoffmontes
Twitter: @montes_kristoff
Spotify: K.Montes
iTunes: K.Montes

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