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Introducing | World At Large

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Shedding light on an extremely underappreciated source of music, Norwegian rock band World at Large embrace the tropes and tendencies of heavy, alternative rock music, alongside their Norwegian roots. Even in the 21st century, popular rock bands tend to originate from the UK or the US. Of course, there are exceptions (Rammstein, Opeth, etc), but there needs to be a focus on bands such as World at Large in the current musical climate.

Originality and ability have seemed to become increasingly rare amongst today’s ‘musicians’, but World at Large certainly break that mold.

World at Large has four studio albums under their belt – The Take (2008), Last Days of Music (2010), Stavanger (2012), Pulling at Our Limbs (2013 – and their most recent, self-titled release in 2016. Critically acclaimed and created in the midst of their 10th anniversary tour (10 years as a band, 20 years of playing together in different bands), World At Large explore the heavier, emotional side of rock and roll throughout their fourth release, stretching their capabilities and pushing their limits thanks to producer Ashely Stubbert (Slotface, Purified in Blood).

As lead vocalist and bass player Leif Harald has said of recording the record, “We listened to some really old demos and found inspiration in a little madness from the early days and then made some songs that were more playful, unpredictable and a bit rougher.”

Listen to 'The Difference' below. 

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