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Single Review | Free From Gravity | 'I'll Be Home for Christmas Day' (2016)

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It may be early November, but since when has that ever stopped the yearly influx of Christmas songs. Hearing the ‘classics’ over and over can become tedious (apart from Elton John’s ‘Step into Christmas’, a song that will never get on my nerves), but it is rare for a band in recent years to release a song to compete with the treasure trove of the 1970s and 80s. 

Portsmouth-based rock band Free From Gravity, however, is an anomaly. Their 2016 track ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ emulates a mix of Greg Lake’s ‘I Believe in Father Christmas’ and their own, uniquely folky rock sound to create a symphony of Christmas-y tropes that will instantly set your mind into Christmas mode. Free From Gravity generate the same nostalgic feel and seasonal offerings that the ‘classics’ produce, and there is a surprising reason for this. ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas Day’ was actually written in 1988. 

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Vince Barnes was part of the British Royal Navy Submarine Service. In December of ’88, Barnes was on patrol and due to return home for Christmas Eve. Ten days before being due at port, he and the crew received the news that they would have to stay out for another sixteen days, due to the submarine replacing their patrol experiencing technical problems. Barnes originally wrote the song as a poem as a reflective piece on the sadness and longing surrounding not being home for Christmas. 

Luckily, another submarine became operational and therefore available, allowing the crew to return home in time for Christmas. 28 years later, that poem would become ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’. 

Listen to the track below.

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