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Sunday, Sunday (35 & 36)

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Yeah, yeah. I've been absent. There's a danger that I'm going to constantly be repeating myself saying that I'll have a load of work coming soon on here, but this time I mean it; trust me. 

Soooo ... I saw Queens of the Stone Age for the first time last week. I know, I can't believe it either. It was probably the best gig I've ever been to, and you can read more of my gushing over at The National Student (linked at the end). Seeing your heroes in concert never gets old, and I cannot wait to see them again someday. I still can't believe it happened to be honest. And to think I'm seeing Phil Collins and Royal Blood this week, too. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING. 

Queens also (finally) released the video for 'The Way You Used to Do' on YouTube after Apple having a hold of it for way too long, and it's as glorious as I hoped it to be. 

I think I’m at an age where I’m close to being a regular at theatres in the West End or Broadway (when I have the money to do so). I’ve never been to a play - only musicals - but they’re intriguing me even more so now that I’ve done a stint at uni and am constantly reviewing things within the creative arts. 

Especially when my favorite actors and actresses are consistently frequenting these theatres; like Bryan Cranston at the National Theatre performing in Network. The Guardian has a fantastic review of it here, and I wish I could go see it to experience seeing Cranston perform off the screen.

There have been many films that I adore that the rest of the population believe to be abhorrently bad. Then again, there are films I find abhorrently bad and others absolutely adore. But there are always those films that viewers are able to find common ground on and agree that they’re ‘so bad [they're] good’. 

Why do me and my Dad always find ourselves watching Sharknado? Is it the sheer awfulness, or the brilliance of someone being able to make a film that awful? There is honestly an art to creating movies like this, and Now You See It explores this theory with his usual expertise.

I like to say that I’m a fan of every genre; more so that when I hear a song I like I don’t care what genre it falls into. I can go from N.W.A. to Metallica in a heartbeat, and the same goes for current pop songs. I feel like an old woman in some ways, because I literally have no idea what’s in the charts (which I probably should if I’m talking about music day in day out). But I do know who Fifth Harmony are, and I do know that one of the members – Camila Cabello – left to pursue a solo career. 

I get intrigued with new releases, and I was pleasantly surprised with Cabello’s latest single‘Havana’, and I cannot get enough of it. Anytime pop artists mix in a suave, Latino feel, I can never get enough of it. Every single time.

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I recently came across this DAZED interview with director Sean Baker on his latest release, The Florida Project. I hadn’t heard of the film until reading this interview, and now that I’ve read and researched the ins and outs of the film – and watched the trailer – I fell in love with a film that I haven’t even seen yet. 

The simplicity of the plot – ‘a look at the broken utopia that is America, seen through the eyes of motel kids’ – and the aesthetically-pleasing cinematography pleases my Americana aesthetic completely. I’m also familiar with the Orlando/Kissimmee area from frequent vacations. 

So to see places like the Magic Castle Gift Shop and various other weird but uniquely Floridian landmarks is so cool to see on screen when you’ve been to them yourself.

The latest Deadpool teaser trailer dropped for its second incarnation, and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. Wade dons the Bob Ross afro and plethora of brushes – whilst in his Deadpool attire -- to recreate his famous show The Joy of Painting to introduce the short teaser. 

It sets the tone for Deadpool 2 perfectly, and I am for sure going to see it three – or more – times in the cinema like I and my mum (yes, my awesomely badass mother) did last year.

Initially, I liked the idea that pets were not controllable in The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs. It made the game more ‘realistic and gave an element of surprise as to what your pets were getting up to in your home and around the neighborhood.

But, much like babies in the game, it is extremely annoying that you can’t click on their avatars (at the bottom of the screen) to check on their needs, see their attributes, age and skill sets. Obviously, for babies, it’s a bit more limited. But the pets in the game get trained, have obsessions, fears, and traits of their own that we have no access to. 

That’s where this fantastic mod comes in. Its still in its beta phase really, since it was released just a few days following the game. But it allows the player to view the pets needs, and to control certain actions that are needed on certain occasions. Hopefully the developers behind the mod can update it with moodlets and other graphics to coincide with the way the Sims ones are designed (and that some of the bugs/glitches are sorted out), but for now, it’s a sigh of relief and opens a plethora of expanded gameplay. 

You can download the mod here

Gary Oldman has always been one of my favorite actors – and people – in the entire universe, and his recent interview with Jimmy Fallon demonstrates that completely.

Green Day’s previously unreleased track ‘Back in the USA’ made an appearance on their latest compilation album Greatest Hits: God’s Favourite Band, and it’s as wonderful as you would hope it to be coming from Green Day. 

They also produced a music video for the track, inspired by the likes of They Live and Pleasantville, the band mocks the Trump presidency with ease (not like that’s hard to do, by any means).


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