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To even research an expansive genre such as Nerdwriter1 has is a feat in itself, but do compile all that research into a concise, five-minute video is astounding. Obviously, he couldn’t cover every single inclination of time travel throughout literature, film, and television, but what he has explored throughout the video has taught me many aspects of the time travel genre that I hadn’t come across before.

I finally got my paws (ayy) on Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, and I am absolutely in love with it. I’ve played The Sims throughout its multiple incarnations, including each expansion pack involving pets. I wasn’t sure how EA would improve upon The Sims 3 expansion – since it was open world and involved horses – but the simplicity that I’ve found in Cats & Dogs has defied my expectations. I’ve seen many critiques on the pets being unplayable (as in you can’t see their needs or control them) … but isn’t that the point? You don’t control your pets in real life, so why would you control them in a life simulator?

It adds to an air of hilarious mystery thanks to their obsessions and fears; consistently finding your cat under the sofa or your skittish dog being strangely afraid of specific objects (in my case, the oven). I can’t wait to see what else the expansion has in store – I have yet to own a veterinary clinic or explore what that has in store, as I’m trying to make money without cheats for once.

I’ll have a review of this up on The Indiependent this week, but here’s a sneak peek … 

Thor: Ragnarok is a m a z i n g. Absolutely amazing. 

Obviously, there will be more substance than that in the review, but I absolutely loved it. Ragnarok and Deadpool are the best Marvel movies out there, in my opinion. 

Clicking the trending tab on YouTube each morning has its good points (if you stray away from the obviously planted videos of ‘popular’ videos), which is how I came across the trailer for Spielberg’s The Post. 

Following an All The President’s Men vibe, The Post explores the scandal that rocked The New York Times and The Washington Post when they published leaked documents of the Pentagon Papers, which detailed the United States’ government during the Vietnam War. 

Starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sarah Paulson and Bob Odenkirk, The Post will definitely be worthy of some sort of Oscar next year. 

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Netflix drops new trailer for The Punisher, finally revealing its release date:

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