Monday, 4 December 2017

Artist in Focus | Chris Record

image credit: chris record
CEO and co-founder of Tecademics ~ A School for Entrepreneurs, Chris Record is currently working on two simultaneous challenges over on his YouTube channel (linked below). Hopping from vlogger ('365 vlogs in 365 days) to rapper ('52 rap videos in 52 weeks), Record utilizes his skills and success in entrepreneurship to captivate audiences across the platform. 

Motivated by his childhood on welfare and living in section 8 housing in the United States, Record was motivated to overcome this aspect of his life and rise out of that situation. He did so successfully and is using his strength and skills to help aspiring entrepreneurs rise the ranks as he once did. 

Utilizing his dislike of expletives and useless lyrics, Record's rap tracks (and accompanying videos) focus on various aspects of Record's life, including his ability to blend online marketing material within the genre. Record utilizes a plethora of means to feature his creations through vlogging and other content online via social media outlets, which has gained him just over 16k subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Listen to one of the many raps, 'Miracle Morning' below. 

Facebook: @chrisrecord 
Twitter: @ChrisRecord 

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