Saturday, 16 December 2017

Introducing | Scotty Seed

image credit: scotty seed

Combining the likes of witch house, electronic dance and punk-infused vocals, Scotty Seed has recently released a new track entitled ‘Trephination’. The amalgamation of genres makes for a unique track that also provides a much-needed narrative in today’s society.

Created last December as a demo recorded in a basement studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn alongside Michael Banks, the duo re-recorded some vocals with the addition of new effects and drums to enhance the track from its demo phase.

As Seed describes in his press release, “to trephine is to pierce a hole in the skull which they used to do in medieval times to ‘let the demons out’ for people who were mentally ill or had some form of disability. [Seed] relates this to my demon which is battling bipolar depression which is a struggle at times.”

Music is immensely important in regard to battling one's inner demons, providing many with an outlet in creativity and writing to deal with their anxieties, whilst also supplying listeners with comfort and a less invasive way (i.e. not drilling a hole into your skull) to release your inner demons. Music is the way to trephine your soul, and Seed knows this. 

Listen to 'Trephination' via Soundcloud below. 

Spotify: @scottyseed
Apple Music: @scottyseed

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