Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Single Review | 'Black Mass' | Collegians

image credit: collegians

A band that can bring the sounds of the 90s back to the forefront are a band to look out for – in my opinion – and Collegians is one of those bands. Hailing from down under and forming in 2014, the Australian alternative rock/electronic band are quickly becoming one of Australia’s successful music endeavors, providing a 90s Garbage/Depeche Mode style to the modern era of music.  

Collegians – comprised of Glenn Patrick (singer), Gerry Leigh (Guitars), James Leigh (Bass, Keys), and Vince Leigh (drums) – masterfully combine synth hooks with a ‘rock backbone’ to create their sound, which can be heard throughout their latest single ‘Black Mass’. Through their combination of genres, the band are able to create a soundscape of desperation, isolation, and hope that allows a depth of sincerity that not many artists are able to convey.

As described in the press release, ‘Black Mass’ is a ‘true anti-establishment track’ that provides a narrative for the current state of affairs across the globe, whilst also providing a glimmer of hope that only Collegians could combine with the dizzying, terrifying aspects of what has been 2017. 

Listen to 'Black Mass' below.

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