Thursday, 7 December 2017

Single Review | Hz | 'Pia Pia'

image credit: evol music/hz
Mixed and mastered by legendary producer Steve Sola (P. Diddy, 50 Cent and Mariah Carey), singer-songwriter Gabrielle Burgos aka Hz/Hz_Sound's latest single 'Pia Pia' is the ultimate summer hit. Infused with reggae and R&B influences, Hz's sound breaks through the New York City underground sound, combining her interests in hip-hop, punk rock, metal and country music in her youth. 

Born on April Fools day in 1990, Burgos grew up between the boroughs of New York and Orlando, Florida. Now 26, she returned to New York City and begun recording, working and producing music -- an interest that grew during her adolescent utilizing skills in a number of different producing software and her love of multiple genres. 

Releasing her debut single in 2014 ('High Life'), 2017 has been of great importance to Hz's career, utilizing her musical growth and growing upon previous releases such as her debut EP this year and a foundation of music videos that were released in 2015. Through 'Pia Pia', you can hear the dense history that Burgos has experienced. 

The single establishes a power within the hip-hop genre regarding women through an amazing aura of confidence to express her self as much as she can. As is stated on her website, '[...] not worrying about what others think, [Burgos] expresses herself through her own music to help those who wish to understand her ... understand her.'

Listen to 'Pia Pia' below. 

Spotify: HZ
Instagram: @hz_sound

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