Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Single Review | SPINN | 'She Takes Her Time' (2017)

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Taking note from their Liverpool contemporary George Harrison, self-confessed jangle-pop quartet SPINN are currently breaking through the indie threshold with their latest single ‘She Takes Her Time’.

SPINN had two previous tracks under their belt – ‘Notice Me’ and ‘Home’ (both released this year) – but it’s their latest release that truly lets their tendencies within the aforementioned genre shine.

A self-described ‘low-key’ love song by frontman Jonny, ‘She Takes Her Time’ is an iridescent example of Liverpool’s indie scene, where bands such as SPINN are paving new ground and experimenting with genres that have long disappeared. A combination of jingle and dream pop alongside shoegaze and new wave, SPINN create a soundscape that is distinctively their own in an immersive track that sends you into a lovelorn daze.

Consisting of Jonny (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Andy (lead guitar/synthesizer), Sean (bass/backing vocals) and Louis (drums/backing vocals), SPINN is destined for a dazzling 2018 full of new experiences – both for themselves and for fans they pick up on the way.

Their forthcoming and debut EP (produced by Chris McCory) is set for release in March 2018 via Modern Sky UK.

Listen to ‘She Takes Her Time’ below.

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