Sunday, 24 December 2017

Sunday, Sunday (39) + (40)

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and yes, die hard is a christmas movie, and it is the best christmas movie. you can argue all you want, it will always be a christmas movie. 

… well, Merry Christmas Eve, but you get the idea. Nothing of note has really happened in the past two weeks, hence why I’ve grouped this Sunday, Sunday together again. All I’ve really done is some prep for Christmas, binging Mindhunter on Netflix, watching a weeks worth of Christmas-y films (my idea of Christmas-y probably differs to everyone else’s) and reliving my childhood through Pokemon Sun and Silver. 

Saying that, this Christmas is the first I’ve actually felt like an adult. I feel a bit like a kid writing this, since I know I’m getting Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon tomorrow, but this is the first time I’ve gone through December without an advent calendar. That means something, right? Our house is definitely as Christmasy as it’s ever been – courtesy of my Mum – even so, I definitely feel different compared to previous years.
In any case, 2017’s Christmas is shaping out to be a pretty good one with my family. 

It wouldn’t be a Sunday, Sunday without some mention of Noel Gallagher – courtesy of his current press tour – and his appearance on GQ’s YouTube channel is probably my favourite so far. 

The story surrounding the scandal between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan in 1994 has always fascinated me, so of course, I was hyped for Craig Gillespie’s adaptation of it, starring my girl Margot Robbie. A bit of black comedy never hurt anybody and certainly doesn’t in the case of this bizarre sporting controversy. 

Vox published an interesting and well-versed article on why America needs this film which I highly recommend you read, along with watching the trailer (and the film, which is out now in the US).

I literally had no idea what Alita: Battle Angel was, and still don’t. The more I read into it, however, the more I became intrigued and hyped for the live-action adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita manga series. 

“Y’know what I did in the holidays? I HEAD-BANGED MY MOM”

I’ve always loved Shane Dawson, but like many other viewers, I kind of strayed away from his content until recently. He is certainly finding his niche in being confident in himself which is translating to some of the most hilarious content that he has made.

Much like Jenna Marbles and her self-proclaimed ‘selfish’ content as of late, they are both demonstrating that focusing on doing what makes yourself laugh and feel happy is guaranteed to make your audience feel the same way too.

I. Love. Theme parks. Universal Studios Orlando will forever remain a favourite in my heart since it was the first I ever experienced back in 2005. The fact that they are already catering to my needs with The Simpsons is enough, but now they are making Super Nintendo World that I’m becoming more and more hyped for every time new aspects and designs are released. 

I am beyond thrilled to see the plans and patents behind some of the new attractions; they look absolutely insane. I will never get over being enthralled by concept designs and plans behind the mechanics of rides, and I just can’t wait to see how they implement this stuff into the land.

I’m going to be posting about this subject later in the week, so I’ll keep this brief. Since I’ve gotten back into playing Pokemon again, once I begin the latest games I’ll be adding and consistently updating little progress trinkets on the sidebar, including the current Pokemon in my party and trial/gym wins. 

If you want more insight into my playing/battling style, just tweet me at @wreckmybrain with your recommendations and I may start doing more posts surrounding my gameplay.


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