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Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 1 | The Beginning & Melemele Island

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Pokemon has been in my life ever since I can remember. My tendency to obsess over everything stems from my near twenty-year avid Pokemon obsession enthusiasm. There have been periods, of course, where Pokemon has taken the backburner. One major timeframe was between my constant playthroughs of Diamond and Pearl in 2006 to the release of Sun and Moon last year. 

Once the hype surrounding Sun and Moon grabbed my attention, I had to bring myself back into the Pokemon world. I updated my Nintendo system from an ancient, extremely broken DS Lite to the new 3DS XL, and ventured into Alola, alongside the Kalos region of X to begin to catch up on what I missed since 2006 (no Y or Black and White at the moment, Nintendo games are too expensive). 

Of course, Christmas graced me with Ultra Sun and Moon. Whilst playing these new installments, I've begun a habit of watching let's plays of the games on YouTube whilst I play, to further my experience within the games. Through this, I became increasingly enthused in creating my own let's play, but written rather than filmed. So here we are. 

Welcome to Wreck My Brain's Let's Play of Pokemon Ultra Moon

  Beginning essentially the same way as Sun and Moon, the Ultra installments of the eighth generation incorporate some semblance of difference in small but noticeable ways. You still begin on Melemele Island, but your journey to Iki Town takes a surprising turn when you encounter a wild Yungoos and the three starters - Litten, Rowlett, and Popplio - leap into action and protect you from the small but agitated threat in the grass of Route 1, as opposed to the bridge on the Mahalo Trail where you aid Lily by saving Nebby from a group of rampaging Spearow. 

Basically, the main narrative is implemented in a refreshingly new cycle, making the introduction to the region of Alola, the characters and the Pokemon that inhabit it. I can imagine going through this sequence again once I begin Ultra Sun is going to be tedious, however. 

  After leaving the grasps of Lillie, Hau, and Professor Kukui, I eventually began to explore the island that was available to me this early in the gameplay. Conscientiously making my way through routes 1, 2, and 3, Melemele Meadow and the Seaward Cave, Hau'ou City and Iki Town, the cemetery, Verdant Cavern and eventually Ten Carat Hill. 

  Obtained the Ride Pager ~ The Tauros Charge 
['Allows the player to move quickly on land and smash through large boulders']

  Found False Swipe [TM54] in Iki Town

  Word of warning: Learning from previous [and frustrating] mistakes in previous playthroughs throughout the generations of Pokemon, I am implementing a meticulous training regime in these Ultra installments. I will not bore you with the details of this in every part, but this is the basis of explanation for the inevitable gaps between parts. 

I'll be consistently training my base team to an equal level, along with all the Pokemon I catch so I can switch the team and those in boxes around easily to suit certain island trails and battles, benefiting my battle strategy so I don't throw my DS across the room ... and it has been taking quite a while, even with boosted affection, exp. share and the newly implemented Roto Boosts. 

I am already seeing the benefits though, along with catching every new Pokemon I encounter; my Alolan Pokedex is filling out nicely. 

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  The fun within the Ultra games begins after battling Captain Ilima in Hau'ou City (against his Yungoos and Smeargle), after surviving the montenous Trainer School. The eventual first trial of your Island Challenge takes place in Verdant Cavern and is curated by Ilima. 

The trial is different, but only due to me playing the base games with Sun rather than Moon, and that I didn't know that some of the trial Pokemon were different for each game. In Moon/Ultra Moon Ilima pits you against a totem Raticate with Rattata's as opposed to a totem Gumshoos and Yungoose. 

  These posts are created by notes that I compile during playthroughs, and when I began this I missed an aspect that I began in the second part -- i.e. listing my team in trials, and what happened during the battle. All I wrote down for this trial was that Popplio evolved into Brionne at some point, and I captured a Noibat on the way out who then made it on to the team. 

  As previously mentioned, all I had written down for my first Grand Trial was that I primarily used Trumbeak and Noibat (thank God for Flying types this early on). I nearly failed miserably due to my main sweeper Trumbeak fainting due to a Z-Move by Crabrawler. Luckily, Trumbeak got its HP pretty low, so I brought Brionne out to wipe it out with an Icy Breath. 

  The Rotom Dex has attained more attributes than it did in the base games. It becomes ingrained in the adventure as a secondary character rather than sidekick via the ability to interact with Rotom, and how you can utilize it in and out of battle through its various powers from the Roto Lotto. 

  There are Pokemon littered throughout the Ultra games that can now be interacted with. On Melemele, there is a beautiful, tiny Rockruff on Route 1 that will follow you around until you play with it. There's also a Slowpoke in Iki Town and a Comfey in the Alola Photo Club that does the same. 

  Hau's starter (depending on which starter you picked) makes more of an appearance outside of battle. I wish they had implemented this for your character, alongside the feature from HeartGold and SoulSilver where the leading Pokemon in your party can follow you. 

  Instead of the Zygarde cells, Totem Stickers are placed around Alola by the various trial captains. There are over 100 stickers around the islands, and when certain amounts are collected, totem sized Pokemon can be obtained via Samson Oak (Professor Oak's cousin), who is researching totem Pokemon.

  There are constant interactions with the newly implemented Ultra Recon Squad. Depending on your game, you will meet different characters of the squad. Dulse and Zossie appear in Ultra Sun and Soliera and Phyco in Ultra Moon

  Routes 1, 2 and 3 (and the multiple other areas within the island) demonstrate the beginning of refreshing new encounters of Pokemon compared to the base game (Buneary, Noibat, Inky, etc.)

  The Alolan Photo Club is actually quite helpful. To take pictures of or with your Pokemon ups their affection, whilst creating some of the cutest creations in the process. 

  Travelling between islands is now 10x more fun thanks to Mantine Surf - a mini-game with Tony Hawk-like flair. Unlike traveling via the conventional means of a ferry or Charizard Glide, you are now presented with a Mantine to surf upon in a mini-game between your island travels, where you can receive beach points depending on your final score earned via tricks implemented during your surf.   



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