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Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 2 | Akala Island & Lana's Trial

  Arrived on Akala Island in Heahea City, described as the 'front door' to Akala founded by trainers from the Kanto and Johto regions. Greeted by Kahuna Olivia and Trial Captain Mallow. 

  Completed Route 4, explored Paniola Town. As soon as you enter Paniola, a battle with Hau ensues whose team now comprises of Torrocat (Lv. 17), Pikachu (Lv. 15) and Eevee (Lv. 16). Hau's line up is different to the original games, as Hau only had the opposite of whatever your starter was and a Pikachu at higher levels (i.e. 16 and 17). 

   Visited Kiawe's house - didn't know this was his house, even in the original games - absolutely full of Magmar. One is kind enough to give you a Quick Ball. 

   Team Skull harasses an Alolan Vulpix near the lake in Paniola. A battle begins, Vulpix runs off but leaves a bottle cap with the woman who tried to protect it, which is given to you. 

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  Connecting Route 5 to the north and Route 6 to the south lies Paniloa Ranch, an area 'made up of fenced-in pastures meant for tending farmland Pokemon such as Tauros and Miltank. A single pathway runs from Panoila Town through a maze of tall grass and ramps to a three-way junction that diverges into the north and south, leading to Route 5 and 6 respectively.' 

Visited Moomoo Paddock within the ranch, met with Mallow and obtained the Stoutland Ride Pager ('Allows the player to find hidden items'). 

Obtained a Scope Lens via Pokemon Breeder Wesley after battling and defeating him to tame his aggressive Tauros. Also able to interact with a Miltank within the field. 

  Visited the Pokemon Nursery, given an egg which hatched into Eevee. 

  Route 5 completed, i.e. the route that connects Paniola Ranch, Brooklet Hill, Lush Jungle and Route 8 together. Met Gladion for the first time here, whose team comprises of Zorua (Lv. 17), Zubat (Lv. 17) and Type: Null (Lv. 18). Zorua isn't part of his team in the original games. 

  Royal Avenue is basically the same as the original games, you go through the same storyline meeting the 'Battle Royal' (Professor Kukui). Battled against the 'Royal' with Gladion and Hau. After beating the professor, we meet Kiawe for the first time before his trial at the Wela Volcano Park. 

'The best fishing spot in the Alola region. Its series of cascading waterfalls make it look like a terraced field.' 

   Less exposition this time around, the trial gates have moved further up Brooklet Hill (immediately before the first batch of grass) and we meet Lana here and begin the trial instead of following her around. She explains the trial at the gates, gives you the Lapras Ride Pager ('Allows the player to surf across water. The player can also fish from Lapras's back'. 

This time, the S.O.S. Pokemon is Dewpider, which sets up the differing totem Pokemon which I had no idea about. It should have rung alarm bells in regards to the totem Pokemon for the main trial, as it was an Araquanid instead of a Schooling Wishiwashi. A came in a bit unprepared (it nearly wiped out my entire teams), but luckily I had the foresight not to use my Pikachu unless needed (i.e. when everyone else fainted, he was my last resort) as it already knew Thunder and Thunderbolt which eventually wiped the Araquanid out. 

   At the end of the trial, Lana also gives you a fishing rod and ten Dive balls. 

   Met Dexio and Sina outside of the Tide Song Hotel. They don't give you the Zygarde cube this time around, but you do battle with them. Their teams comprise of different Pokemon to the original games; Dexio battles with Mime Jr. and Espeon in Ultra Sun and Sina battles with Smoochum and Glaceon in Ultra Moon

   There's a new area that has become my personal heaven - Pikachu Valley! It's situated on Route 4, which is described as 'a small enclosure on Akala Island where wild Pikachu gather to interact with others ... the area is watched over by two trial guides.' 

Once there, you can obtain a Magnet (boosts the power of Electric-type moves), a Pikachu Hat and Cap from the female trial guide after answering the right questions to her Pikachu questionnaire, Partner Cap Pikachu (Ash's Pikachu from the I Choose You movie released last year) after scanning the special QR code (it's given via delivery guy like the mystery gifts) and Pikashunium Z after showing a female Pikachu a Partner Cap Pikachu. 

Partner Cap Pikachu is designed differently to the regular Pikachu that appear in Alola. It has different animations and voice actions in refresh and in battle. Missed out on the other hat Pikachu's due to getting the games in late December as opposed to its actual release date, sadly. I really wanted the Kanto Hat Pikachu. 

   Before Route 6, (i.e. still on Paniola Ranch), a battle ensues with the new Ultra Recon Squad. Again, different Pokemon in the battles with the different games. I battled with Soliera, Ultra Sun has Dulse. Both have a Lv. 20 Poippole. 

   Given a Poke Ball containing a Pokemon left by someone by the Aether Foundation - I assume I'll come across whomever late in the game. 

   Received a Totem Raticate after collecting 20 stickers.

 Rockruff evolved into my favourite form of Lycanroc ... Dusk form! So excited to finally have this Pokemon on my team. 

(this was before the trial, hence why mareep hasn't evolved yet)


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