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Happy 2018, Y'all! I hope you’ve had a better end of 2017/beginning of 2018 than me since I caught that Australian Flu that’s been sweeping across the UK and am still battling it. This is the first day since the 27th of December that I’ve had the energy and brain power to do work – that’s how bad this has been. 

The great thing about being obsessed with numerous television shows and films is that eventually, they do collide. A little-animated series has been pretty good to me since I was pretty young, and has collided with the likes of The X-Files and has hosted plenty of cameos from the likes of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. The Simpsons have been a love of mine since I can remember, and has always been good to me in terms of referencing my other loves (i.e. X-Files) and introducing me to new corners of the ever-growing pop culture realm. 

One piece of pop culture that the writers of The Simpsons regularly references is a newer love of mine … The Twilight Zone. Thanks to the writes of X-Files (and my parents), I began watching The Twilight Zone and am annoyed that I didn’t watch it sooner. So much of the sci-fi/paranormal realm in film and television have rooted themselves within The Twilight Zone, it’s fun to see which Twilight Zone episodes are referenced/utilized in X-Files or The Simpsons and how writers can utilize their inspirations to create their own unique piece of work. 

So when one of my new favorite channels – NowThis Nerd – decided to dedicate an entire video to how writers of The Simpsons utilized certain episodes of The Twilight Zone in the non-canon Treehouse of Horror episodes, allowing a large spectrum of freedom to create some of the most outlandish episodes of the series. This includes one of my personal favorites, Homer3, an episode that I was completely in awe with and never knew that it originated from a Twilight Zone episode (‘Little Girl Lost’).

Once the new season of The X-Files airs here in the UK, I’ll be providing links to my full reviews of the new episodes. As for the premiere last week, I would rather erase it from my memory (but keep the Mulder/Scully moments, ofc).

My expectations have been redeemed in the past hour, however, as Fox released a clip from tomorrow’s episode entitled ‘This’, and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Mulder and Scully kicking ass to The Ramones? YES PLEASE. 

Bruce Willis avenging his wife’s murder in a retelling of a classic 70s vigilante series? Yes, please. Before its released, I’m going to familiarize myself with the original moves and the legend that was Charles Bronson. 

If I never decided to dedicate myself to reviewing/writing/whatever, my other aspiration was to do something within the criminal psychology/forensic science field. The only way I can live out the latter is through hours of needless research through non-fiction true crime novels and documentaries, alongside fictional interpretations of famous crimes/murders. 

Hence why Mindhunter caught my attention, and hence why I finished it within a week and cannot wait for season two. Once I finish American Gods, I really need to read the book the series was based on – I haven’t really delved into how ‘serial killer’ term was originally created, and I’m glad I’ve begun to inform myself now – it’s absolutely fascinating. 

Now that Mindhunter is done, it’s time for me to finish American Horror Story. I began on good terms, and that was until I decided, ‘Hey! I should rewatch the Pokemon anime from the beginning and drown in childhood nostalgia. It only has nearly 1,000 and 25 movies. Easy.’

I’ve been aware of ‘banned’ episodes of the Pokemon anime, vaguely knowing the titles and some of the history surrounding them – especially the infamous seizure-inducing episode. It wasn’t until the other day that I went down a rabbit hole of research after realizing there was an episode missing between EP017 ‘Island of the Giant Pokemon’ and EP019 ‘Tentacool & Tenacruel’. It’s an obvious gap, from the trio being stuck on an island to prancing around a beach resort with an obvious gap of narrative between the two. I had no idea that EP018 was banned in the English dub, let alone because James wore an inflatable body suit that accentuated the chest area (cannot believe I just typed that). 

After that experience, I came across this video created by AnimeEveryday. In it, they explore how the controversy surrounding EP038 ‘Computer Warrior Porygon’ and the subsequent changes in anime production and the effects of photo-sensitive epilepsy acted as a catalyst for the series to be popularized in Western culture, creating an entire Western generation of anime fans that were not as prevalent prior.

‘Pokemania’ was truly insane; I was three when the series aired here in the UK and had a Dad that was consistently traveling to and from the States with Pokemon merch in two for yours truly, and I’m still obsessed with it now. Literally, my entire life has been surrounded by the franchise, and it was my gateway to a world of Japanese culture and anime after Pokemon ingraining it into my psyche. Pokemon was one of the first dubbed anime’s not to be localized/changed in such a way that would distance itself from its Japanese origin, keeping it authentic and true to its roots.

Forget about all the drama on YouTube at the moment, t h i s is the content YouTube needs and the content that I signed up for. The editing and sound cues throughout the video kill me, let alone Jake on an exercise ball freaking out over the history of DDR – a.k.a. me in this situation. 

And I never knew that the craze of DDR in the 90s caused America to illegally import Japanese arcade machines due to demand. And America didn’t even get the full force of it, Europe kinda did since we got the spin-off franchises with Euro Mixes (yes, I did have a dance mat and a Euro Mix for the first PlayStation).

Someone transport me back to the early 2000s, they were simpler times full of DDR and Pokemon. 

Everything that needs to be said about the Logan Paul situation is captured in this podcast. I don’t think there’s anything else to bring up, other than the utter bewilderment that this ever took place in the first place. 


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