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Album Review | PBR Streetgang | 'Late Night Party Line' (2018)

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A labor of love and undeniable house-laced prowess, PBR Streetgang’s debut Late Night Party Line is set to lace dancefloors and midnight drives with infectious beats and grooves, further encompassing the rise of 80s synthwave and the newly established internet-genre of vaporwave.
Making music for over a decade, DJ / Production duo Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe have finally complied, produced, mastered and released their debut album Late Night Party Line. Not your conventional dance LP, Late Night Party Line encapsulates the instruments and melodies that were infectious within the synth-laden 80s scene, creating a funky, atmospheric soundscape that immediately transports you into an electronic vision full of neon colors and cyberpunk aesthetics. 

The record itself can be divided into two parts: the first five (‘Human Nature’, ‘I Left My Heart’, ‘Transfuction’, ‘Everything Changes’ and ‘Special FX’) tracks stick to the aforementioned foundation of synth, whereas tracks six to nine (‘Montu’, ‘Money, Casino, Brass’, ‘Pork Chop Express’ and title track ‘Late Night Party Line’) highlight a slightly clubbier nature to the record, speeding up and making for excellent additions to a dancefloor playlist. The records tenth track – and its closer – reverts back to the slower, more atmospheric nature of the beginning of the record, ending Late Night Party Line with an apt comedown with four high-powered instrumentals. 

The majority of the songs on the record are instrumentals, combined with collaborations with talented artists Lily Juniper, Mattie Safer (providing vocals on ‘Human Being’ and ‘Everything Changes’), and Ron Basejam on ‘Montu’. It’s a brave move to feature only two songs with vocals, as these tracks tend to be the ones picked for singles due to the charisma and catchiness that they can provide for radio play. Even these tracks are outshined by ‘I Left My Heart’; a fantastic ambient synth-scape laden with Miami Vice vibes and a progression that comes naturally to the duo and is heavily featured on each track. It adds tension, but in a good way – hyping up listeners for the big reveal in the choruses and outros of each track. 

For a debut album, PBR Streetgang have pitched it out of the park. They truly establish themselves with this record and certainly set the tone for a successful future to come.

Late Night Party Line is available to stream now. You can also purchase copies of the album here. 


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