Monday, 5 February 2018

Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 3 | Wela Volcano Park & Kiawe's Trial

   Trained some of my team up in the Lush Jungle before heading over to the Wela Volcano Park. Whilst making my way up to the peak, I carried on training to make sure they were tough enough for the challenge. This included battling the trainers scattered around the park before facing Kiawe's trial. 

   After completing Kiawe's trial, I was finally able to reach Poke Pelago via the Charizard ride pager. I was nearly all out of Poke Beans and needed to do some intense berry farming. It's weird how much I didn't think of the Pelago feature in the original games; it's integral when utilizing the affection aspect in battle (boosted exp. points, Pokemon surviving on 1 HP, etc.) 

   Route 7 gives way to Melemele Sea, which obviously took me forever to explore as usual. Route 7 connects Wela Volcano, the Royal Avenue, Route 8 and the Melemele Sea together. 

   A little fact you may not have known: 'Wela' means 'hot' in Hawaiian. 

'A mountain with steep paths and wastelands. There is a trial site on top.' 

   A difference from Sun and Moon; the totem Pokemon in Ultra is an Alolan Marowak as opposed to a Salazzle. Instead of calling for an ally Salandit, Marowak will call for Salazzle instead and will continually call for one until it is defeated. 

   The trial was pretty tough, but after the previous two trials (and being completely stumped), I made sure I went in with the type best suited against the fire types presented - i.e. water, water and more water (along with Lycanroc and Mudbray, i.e. rock and ground types). 

   Completed the trial on the first attempt (finally!), and recieved ten Quick Balls which was super useful; seem to be using these balls more in this playthrough than I have before. Very convenient. 

   The Dividing Peak Tunnel between Route 7 and 8 is a new addition to Ultra Sun and Moon. It did appear in the original titles, but it was not accessible, i.e. you could not venture into it. 

Pokemon can be encountered in the tunnel, depending on whether you come across a shadow that is revealed to be a Kecleon or chase a Wimpod. You can only encounter these Pokemon after you talk to the Ultra Recon Squad once you walk through the tunnel for the first time, however. 

   When you meet the Squad, they talk with you about the power of Z crystals again, and the feeling of your aura - two things that remind them of the light they once had in their dimension. 

   My favourite music of the game appears within the tunnel. Pokemon has always been known for its iconic, 8-bit music (like the Pokemon Centre ambiance or the heart-pumping battle music). 

   Added a Mudbray to the team (swapped it out from Pikachu for the time being). Never played with this Pokemon properly in the original games, can't wait to see what playing with a Mudsdale on my team will be like - especially with the Stamina ability that is already aiding me. 



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