Friday, 23 February 2018

Let's Play Pokemon Ultra Moon | Part 4 | Route 8 & Mallow's Trial

   Traveled back to HeaHea City to train the Cyndaquil, Litten, and Growlithe that I transferred via Pokemon Bank (in prep for the Lush Jungle). And it was here Sophie realized that she caught a Growlithe earlier in the game, and never needed to transfer a Growlithe over. 

   Completed a side quest that I started earlier over at the Tide Song hotel; reuniting old friends as requested by an old man, and given a revival herb in return. 

   After some much-needed training, I traveled back to Route 8 and visited 'Dream Park'; a Fossil Restoration Center run by a Pokemon breeder. Love how the center is based on Jurassic Park, which in turn were filmed in Hawaii. 

   Visited the Roadside Motel and was greeted by the always lovely Gladion. 

   Had the chance to explore the small part of water before the Lush Jungle, and the beginning of Route 5 before the Brooklet Hill Pokemon center. 

   Found TM59 Brutal Swing 

   Finally used my Beach Points to purchase a move, taught Fire Punch to Charmeleon. 

   Gifted TM67 Smart Strike from Kukui. 

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'A heavily wooded tropical rainforest; it's famous for producing materials for delicious meals.'

   Simliar to the previous trials completed, the trial is compiled differently to the original games. It's actually the most difference so far; the trial is altered to last longer as Mallow now takes you to three locations to pick up the ingredients for her meal to entice the totem Pokemon.

As I hadn't read any game guides before the game -- I don't really like to with Pokemon, I like the surprises -- I had no idea (better term, hadn't figured it out) that if you take a certain ingredient you are not only attacked by the totem Lurantis in the trial battle but also a Fomantis for the Mago berry, Comfey for the Honey and a Sudowoodo for a Big Root. 

   Something that is becoming very apparent with this game is my lack of foresight. I.e., I was not prepared for this battle at all. Mallow's and Olivia's trials have definitely changed my battling style; making sure that my team covers all bases instead of just focusing on what I believe the trial's main weakness will be. 

Here, I went all out with a fire team thinking I'd be up against just grass types, only to face the rock type Sudowoodo leading to my Torrocat and Trumbeak fainting, with only Quilava saving the day with a double kick. Still lost, though.

   After failing miserably, I bulked the team up and switched out Trumbeak for Alakazam to utilize Disable, as Lurantis kept spamming Synthesis. Luckily, it spammed X-Scissor this time, with Salandit and Charmeleon swept the board, including Kecleon who was also irritating at the beginning. 

Because Salandit is Fire/Poision, Kecleon colour changed to a poison type making Flame Charge more effective. Salandit's ability helped immensely, also. 

   The Aether Foundation building; not new to the Ultra installments, but it does continue the new side quest involving the Alolan Vulpix that has been 'rescued' by the team. Not sure what their ulterior motives are as of yet. 

Vulpix is calm around you after saving it, feeding it a masalada and playing with it. Hope they give it to me at some point in the future. Went back to the Vulpix after the trial, it's moved to a 'snowy mountain', which I assume is Mount Lanakila. 

   One of the members wants you to find a Goomy in the Lush Jungle; a pretty hard feat as they only appear in S.O.S. battles and it has to be raining. 

   Met with Colress (second boss of Team Plasma from Black and White) on Route 8, who gives you TM43 Flame Charge. His role in this game is expanded from the originals, but we don't know his motives at this point. 



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