Thursday, 8 February 2018

Single Review | Chris Sullivan | 'By The Light of the Radio' (2017)

image credit: chris sullivan
Traditional rock and roll combined with a country twang, Chris Sullivan brings a familiar, nostalgic narrative of discovering music for the first time via the radio. Sullivan sings of staying up all night and days spent driving around by the light of the radio, guiding him into a love for music. 

His influences can be seen in the music video, from Billy Joel to The Who, KISS to Bob Dylan; all these artists can be heard in Sullivan's music, especially in this track. His passion and dedication to music that really enlightens the song, and provides a connection to avid music fans that feel the same way. 

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Sullivan was exposed to music at an early age that in turn drove him to create his own sound. His compositions and lyrics resonate with audiences across the United States and is constantly maintaining a busy touring schedule to spread his love of music around, in turn inspiring aspiring musicians himself. 

Twitter: @YoungSullivan
Soundcloud: @ChrisSullivan
YouTube: @ChrisSullivan


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