Thursday, 1 February 2018

SPINN | 'She Takes Her Time' music video & new single 'After Dark' released

image credit: spinn/tumblr
SPINN are quickly becoming one of the UK's most promising upcoming indie bands, and 2018 is definitely set to be their year. 

After the release of their single 'She Takes Her Time', SPINN has released an accompanying music video to add visuals to the jangly-pop infused track, cementing their aesthetic further in a visual format via the 90s, disco-esque backdrop and a tape overlay over the footage. Alongside this, SPINN has unveiled their latest single 'After Dark'; taking a completely opposite turn to 'She Takes Her Time'. 

Dowsed in melancholy by a deep bass hook accompanied by a Johnny Marr-esque guitar riff, the band creates a brooding atmosphere which contrasts heavily with the happy, upbeat tones of 'She Takes Her Time'. Frontman Jonny stated that he struggled with writing the song, as 'in comparison to a lot of [their] stuff it's quite heavy and dark.' 

When a band can do this within the span of two singles - covering a variety of emotions - it takes a lot of confidence and inner strength to demonstrate that they are not confined to one emotion or one genre. It allows every facet of the band to be shown and produces an aura of excitement as to what they can create next. 

SPINN are set to release an EP this March, produced by Chris McCory (Catholic Action) via label MordernSky UK. 

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